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Jumbo Package: The NFL draft is almost upon us

Reuben Foster, Cam Robinson, and Marlon Humphrey all have their names in the media. Oh, and a bunch of fast guys play for Bama

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

What the A-Day game showed about Alabama's wide receiver group

The overall speed of the group showed Saturday.

Foster and Ridley are arguably two of the faster players in the country. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound Foster ran a 4.34 40 last year, tied for the fastest time on the team during Alabama's spring testing last year. Ridley, whom Saban has called a "special player at the position," ran a 4.35 last year.

This spring, Marks posted a 4.41 40, four-star freshman Chadarius Townsend ran a 4.46 and Jeudy was timed at 4.47.

There may not be another team in the country with this much collective speed at wide receiver.

That speed should help the Tide receivers to do a lot of what they did Saturday, get behind defensive backs and make big plays all over the field.

The Alabama receiving corps is fast. Really, really fast.

Not much to say here on my part. Those numbers speak for themselves.

NFL Draft 2017: Should the Seahawks draft Cam Robinson or Marlon Humphrey?

Part of an Alabama legacy family, Humphrey quickly became a fan favorite and is an easy guy to root for. He’s athletic, lengthy, aggressive, a big hitter, and always full of energy and excitement. When he makes a play, he sprints around aimlessly afterwards in a display of pure, unadulterated exuberance. When a teammate makes a play, you can witness Humphrey streaking across the field to be the first to dogpile on his friend. He’s an exciting player to watch, and a lot of fun to pull for.

Until someone high-points a ball over his head.

Okay, admittedly, I already linked this as a fanshot yesterday. But hey, when the opportunity arises to self-promote...

I occasionally contribute at, usually for NFL draft related topics. Anyway, both Cam Robinson and Marlon Humphrey have been linked often as likely candidates for the Seattle Seahawks at #26 overall. Give it a read if you’d like. As you’d expect, most of the commenters cling to the usual preconceived notions about Alabama.

2017 NFL Draft: Reuben Foster may ‘slide down boards’ after flagged drug test

It is hard to imagine that the athletic and hard-hitting Foster would slip out of the first round entirely in a year lacking true three-down linebackers. However, he is facing serious questions after measuring smaller than expected at 6-foot and 229 pounds and recently undergoing surgery to repair his rotator cuff, on top of being unceremoniously sent home early from the combine after an altercation with a medical official.

Perhaps most concerning to scouts is that unlike some linebackers, Foster's game is built around his physicality. Quite frankly, he would not be as highly regarded were he to lose some of the explosiveness that he demonstrated as a linebacker and special teams demon, a trait in question with the surgically repaired shoulder.

It is important to note that Foster did not fail any drug tests while at Alabama. However, NFL sources had previously indicated to that his off-field behavior was a concern, specifically citing his involvement in the "party" scene.

Reuben definitely has not done himself any favors this offseason.

That said, the combine accident and recent urine test screw-up won’t cause him to drop. They’ll cause headlines and scouts/GMs “leaking” that they’ve dropped him, but all of that is really subterfuge. If he’s a great football player, most of the teams out there won’t care one bit.

On the other hand, though, the rotator cuff injury and surgery may cause some legitimate hesitation. I don’t see him dropping out of the first, but he may fall into the 20s, where we originally thought he’d go in the 10-15 range.

Another NFL Draft will show the Iron Bowl has become Pros vs. Joes

Alabama is going to set an obscure record this weekend that'll speak volumes about the state of its rivalry with Auburn.

For the ninth straight year, the Crimson Tide will have more players drafted by the NFL than the Tigers. That'll break the current tie with Auburn, which had more NFL draftees than Alabama for eight straight years from 1956-63.

We mined this nugget not just to give you some trivia to amaze your co-workers at the water cooler, but to make a larger point.

Sorry, I’m not using this trivia nugget to amaze co-workers... I’m using it to attack their pride. Bunch of Auburn fans that they are.

Seriously though, I know you’re all already well aware, but this NFL draft streak that Alabama has had over the last decade has been nothing short of miraculous. That much NFL talent just doesn’t come from one school so consistently.

Roll Tide.