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2017 NFL Draft Profile: Jacksonville Jaguars selects Alabama OT Cam Robinson at 34th overall

The Jags get a tremendous run blocker to pace the way for Leonard Fournette

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

A three year starter for the Crimson Tide, Cam Robinson has been billed as a surefire first round draft pick ever since he won the starting left tackle job as a true freshman.

A freshman All-American season, injury-riddled sophomore slump, offseason arrest, and an Outland-trophy winning junior year later, Robinson finally lived up to his high expectations and has made it into the NFL.

With all the ups-and-downs, coupled with some early hype, Cam Robinson quickly became a bit of a polarizing prospect, with some believing him to be the best lineman in the draft and others totally against the idea of having him on the team.

It wasn’t quite the first round billing he expected, but it was close.

The Jaguars finally bit, and now Cam is headed to Jacksonville to block for the newly drafted Leonard Fournette.

Robinson is an exceptionally talented lineman with a massive 6’6” 325-frame and some of the longest arms in the entire draft. He’s got quickness to go along with his size and strength, and can easily play left or right tackle. He’s a powerful run-blocker who nearly always makes a difference in short-yardage situations, and is still lithe enough to shut down Myles Garrett in the passing game.

However, he does come with some issues with concentration lapses and regularly-scheduled false starts (about 2 per game). Though talented enough to shut down any defensive lineman, he sometimes is late to react to the ball snap... or way too early... often leading to a drive-killing mistake.

Robinson should be a great pick for the Jags, and also a great value as he dropped into the second round.