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And the winner of the 2017 Roll ‘Bama Roll NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge is...

JTCrimson takes home the 2017 RBR Bracket Challenge!

Gonzaga v North Carolina Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Congratulations to JTCrimson, the winner of the 2017 RBR Bracket Challenge. His bracket, “Good Guessing Works” was a little of that to be sure. But, he only had 10 bonus points, showing that he won this the good ole’ fashioned way — blind luck. His 85 points topped Ike Piggot and Jeremy, both of whom tied in second with 82 points.

Our special dishonorable booby prize goes to Paul Crook, who had just three points in the last three rounds and almost no correct upsets for a total of — 44 points. Boo this man (or look at his bracket!)

Complete standings are here.

As for JT, he has won the right to contribute to/dictate a piece for RBR’s front page and have his name slapped on that bad boy over the coming days. JT, we are here at your fell bidding. What is thy boon?

Thanks for playing. We’ll do another contest over the summer as usual. We have stuff to give away, and you like free stuff.

Roll Tide