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RTDB shirts are here!

You asked for them; we delivered

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Bobby. Coffee. Bo. Darby. Siran. Upchurch. Shaud. Yeldon. Ogilvie. Lassic. Musso. Trent.

Lacy in the Georgia Dome.

Alexander in Death Valley.

Henry in Jordan Hare.

Ingram in Columbia.

Snake in the mud.

Jalen in Neyland.

Sherman shakin’.

Alabama fans, more than most, have led the charge to run the damn ball. No matter how much Alabama may RTBD, it will never be enough (especially in a loss.) As the originators of the acronym, and a proud sentence which leaves our lips at great volume, Alabama fans own it.

Coaches are fired, championships are won, legends are made running the dang ball.

So, working with Breaking T we designed three RTDB shirts with you, the discerning Gump, in mind, including a neutral one that is appropriate for all occasions and fan bases -- these make a lovely wedding present too!

Go forth; support the site; peruse our wares; wear with pride: They come in sizes all the way to 3XL and just $24 (with free shipping for orders over $60.) Importantly, they’ll arrive at your door just in time for the A-Day game! Let Coach Daboll know what we expect — what others have failed to grasp — This is Alabama. Defend MANBALL. RTDB.

Here is the link again (AOL and other users can copy and paste into your browser:

Thank you for reading and for supporting the site. We appreciate it. Roll Tide.