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Jumbo Package: Staff sizes — the NCAA’s most contrived, manufactured “problem” to date

This is more than a little irritating.

NCAA Football: SEC-Media Day
They’re coming after you AGAIN, coach.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Forget oversigning; forget medical scholarships; forget grad transfer rules. Keep an eye on this nonsense, as the AFCA and NCAA are apparently taking aim at staff sizes in a preemptive move that is as short-sided and ignorant as it is steeped in purblind prejudice and paranoia.

As NCAA zeroes in on college football staff sizes, survey shows inconsistencies -

It is largely perceived in coaching circles that Alabama, not Notre Dame, has the largest staff. In the survey, Alabama is credited with a total staff size of 31. According to the survey, that would tie Missouri and Ole Miss for sixth in the SEC and tie for 28th nationally.

Other programs, with varying degrees of success and money, actually have far larger staffs: Texas (44), Georgia (42), Auburn (41) and Michigan (40), and Notre Dame lead the way in staffing. Alabama is barely above the median in its own conference. Meanwhile the B1G actually leads in numbers of support staff per program.

It is another attempt to create parity between the haves and the have-nots, or between those that avail themselves of the opportunity to have larger staffs.

Said Saban,

"I guess it's a paranoia that we all have, that somebody else is doing something that I am allowed to and everybody else is allowed to do," Nick Saban told reporters last month, "but you choose to do it."

And, Tom Herman rightly notes, this legislation penalizes precisely those programs that have been successful; those programs foot the bill for college football.

Litigation will almost certainly follow, and the AFCA has publicly stated that is a real fear. The NCAA doesn’t have a salary cap, nor does it need one. Craig Bohl, previously a proponent of a staff caps rightly observed the reality of the situation and the actual equity that should be achieved:

"I don't think that's going to be a realistic number now," Bohl said. "I think my point is just make sure that the coaching number is the same, the number of guys who can leave campus is the same.

"Outside of that, whoever has resources to do whatever they can do is fine."

Guess what? We already have that equity in place. Each program can hire 10 guys to coach the players and to send on the road and to call the Xs and Os. What programs do afterwards, in terms of PR, nutrition, giving former players grad opportunities, giving fired coaches an opportunity to learn a different system, providing players with employment counseling, giving players better oversight in the weight room, sports psychology and substance abuse counseling, not a damned bit of that is or should be an NCAA concern.

This may be the NCAA’s most nonsensical, manufactured “problem” to date — and that says something.

It is an attempt spearheaded by the G5 to find a problem where none exists, to create an artificial parity, and to legislate away an oligarchy that has existed since the sport began — an oligarchy, I add, that the entire sport’s revenue structure relies upon.

As my granddad was fond of saying, “Don’t shit where you eat,” NCAA.

Want some stupidity in the pay-for-play debate? It comes from, where else, the network that employs Clay Travis and Skip Bayless: More weaponized idiocy in a medium and a debate already supped in idiocy.


The College Football Playoff is bringing a Super Bowl-style halftime show to the national championship game without bumping the marching bands.

ESPN and the College Football Playoff say that a musical guest will perform at halftime of this season's title game in Atlanta on Jan. 8, 2018, and the performance will be aired on ESPN. The halftime concert will be held in Centennial Olympic Park, near the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. An artist has not yet been booked, but ESPN is taking the lead on securing what it hopes will be an A-list performer with broad appeal.

This is going to suck out loud. You absolutely know it’s going to be some monstrous Bro Country or a superannuated pop star who peaked 22 years ago.

Alabama adds SEC East assistant coach to basketball staff

Avery Johnson has found a third assistant for his Alabama coaching staff.

Georgia assistant Yasir Rosemond will join the Crimson Tide basketball staff in the same role, BamaOnLine has learned. The Atlanta native will replace two-year associate head coach Bob Simon, who was relieved of his duties following the 2017-18 season.

In addition to basketball ops experience, the rap sheet on a younger-than-you’d-think Rosemond is that he excels at recruiting and player development; the latter is an area where Alabama definitely needs improvement, while the former is one where the Tide need to maintain momentum.

Good luck sorting this one out. I honestly don’t know how you choose the best of this lot.

Alabama Crimson Tide football Nick Saban Rolando McClain Reuben Foster C.J. Mosley Dont'a Hightower

How good has Alabama been at the inside linebacker positions during Nick Saban's 10 seasons as head coach of the Crimson Tide? So good that of the four Butkus Award winners UA has had since 1988, three have lined up at inside linebacker for Saban since 2009.

That's what makes picking the best of the bunch at the position under Saban so difficult. Three of the five candidates for the top spot all have the Butkus Award on their respective resumes. Looking for intangible qualities? Well, of that same group, four were honored as permanent team captains.

Who is the best of the best inside linebacker of the Saban era at Alabama?

The redshirt proposal is wildly popular with most coaches, especially in the SEC and ESPECIALLY in Tuscaloosa, where the Tide is loaded with blue-chippers that sit for a year or so. As Saban explains, it benefits players’ development and gives them a taste of playing time they all love. Like the 10th field coach, this has so much momentum that it will almost certainly be adopted. Win-Win.

Alabama Crimson Tide Football: Nick Saban 'absolutely' in favor of new redshirt proposal

“I absolutely would be in favor of that,” Saban said. “I think one of the most difficult things for players, themselves, is they can’t play at all when they’re freshmen to be able to gain a redshirt year. They all want to play. This would give them an opportunity to play some.

“It would actually enhance their development, to some degree. I think with the numbers that we have right now and the number of games that we’re playing, you might be able to play a few more players in some of those games and that would help some of the other players on your team, as well.

Something for the older set.

Paul Bryant passed away over 34 years ago, but, having tackled Saban’s all-time team, has turned its sites to the Bryant era. Our demographics here at RBR skew a bit older than a lot of sites, but even most our readers would be hard-pressed to say they saw these guys in a crimson jersey. Still, you can see their candidates and vote at the link below.

Vote for your All-Bryant team offense | unveiled its All-Bryant team offense on Monday based off the input and votes of reporters and former Alabama football players. But we want your voice to be heard, too, and will be putting together an readers All-Bryant team. We focused on college play only but use whatever metrics you'd like in voting for the top players at each position.


The NCAA looking to restrict staff sizes...

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