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Baseball Coach Greg Goff Terminated

New AD Greg Byrne will now make his first major hire in Tuscaloosa.

Athletic Director Greg Byrne did what had to be done and let baseball coach Greg Goff go after one disastrous season:

University of Alabama head baseball coach Greg Goff has been relieved of his duties, The Tuscaloosa News has learned.

The Tuscaloosa News previously reported that Goff attempted to reduce or revoke scholarships for up to 10 players in violation of NCAA rules during their exit interviews earlier this week.

Players who are still on campus were called to a 1 p.m. meeting to receive the news. UA athletic officials met with Goff on Wednesday and were in meetings throughout the morning to discuss the decision.

UA athletic officials also reached out to some players and their families to advise them to wait before making decisions on whether to transfer.

A record of 19-34-1 and 5-24-1 in the SEC is bad enough. Throw in blatantly ignoring NCAA rules and you definitely have reason to make the move.

Goff came to Tuscaloosa after two years at La Tech, seven years at Campbell and five years at Montevallo. He was known as a "turnaround" artist, but his methods for doing so were always on the shady side. When he met with players in exit interviews after this season and told most of them their scholarships wouldn't be renewed. Ben Jones, Aaron Suttles and The Tuscaloosa News let it be known that NCAA rules restricted that practice. That was enough for Byrne to pull the trigger, if the way that Goff treated his players since he arrived in August wasn’t.

Byrne has an excellent record in hiring baseball coaches, with the two he has hired both making the College World Series within three years. This is unfortunate for the families of the coaches involved, but is a great day for Bama players, fans, donors and supporters.

Bama Baseball Fever, Now you can catch it!