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92 Days ‘Til Alabama Football: A century of excellence

The 1992 team was something to behold, do you remember their names?

Gene Stallings

Today we take a trip down memory lane, and not just for the All-Americans, the playmakers, the clutch guys, the silent-but-effective starters, but the backups, the future stars, the walk-ons that made that team one of the greatest in Alabama’s storied history.

As the 1992 season opened, there was a lot to like about the Alabama Crimson Tide. The team had just finished an outstanding 11-1 campaign, capped by an excellent Blockbuster Bowl win over No. 15 Colorado. It was the centennial season of Alabama football. It felt like something special was in the making.

The 1992 roster was stacked on both the sidelines and the playing field: The Tide had a Bear alum on the sidelines, a man who understood the classical era of Alabama football and molded it in his mentor’s image. His offensive coordinator, Mal Moore, was an Alabama alum and similar Bryant Legacy. The defense had one of the best in the game in soon-to-be-turncoat “Brother” Bill Oliver.

On the field, the team was led by a solid group of running backs, a physical offensive line, a deceptively good, underrated receiving corps, the definitional field general in Jay Barker, All-American kicker Michael Proctor, the nation’s most dynamic player David Palmer, and that defense, my goodness that defense.

Last season, we covered this team in depth with our 92 Days ‘Til Kickoff. But, today we honor not the accomplishments of the team, which are well known, but every single person on that roster.

Take a bow, gentlemen.

Jason Abrams (TE)

Chris Anderson (RB)

Michael Ausmus (CB)

William Barger (OG)

Jay Barker (QB)

Maurice Belser (OG)

Willis Bevelle (S-WR)

Curtis Brown (SE)

Elverett Brown (NT)

Rick Brown (FL)

Shannon Brown (DE)

Will Brown (OLB)

Brian Burgdorf (QB)

Steve Busky (TE)

Mike Campbell (DB)

John Clay (LB-OG)

Roman Colburn (FL)

Steve Cole (PK)

Mickey Conn (CB)

John Copeland (DE)

Eric Curry (DE)

Danny Davis (SS)

Dennis Deason (C)

Bryne Diehl (P)

Chris Donnelly (SS)

Don Dover (C)

Donnie Finkley (WR)

Jeff Foshee (LB/FB)

Willie Gaston (FS)

Hamp Greene (PK)

James Gregory (NG)

Lemanski Hall (S LB)

Matt Hammond (OT)

Craig Harris (RB)

Joey Harville (OT)

Alvin Hope (DB)

Martin Houston (FB)

Johnny Howard (OT)

Dameian Jeffries (DE)

Tommy Johnson (CB)

Tony Johnson (TE)

Alex Jordan (SS)

Antonio Langham (CB)

Derrick Lassic (RB)

Kevin Lee (WR)

Victor Lockett (LB)

Antonio London (LB)

Tarrant Lynch (RB)

Kris Mangum (TE)

Mario Morris (LB)

Stan Moss (P)

Kareem Mcneal (OT)

Jeremy Nunley (DE)

Derrick Oden (LB)

David Palmer (SE)

Roosevelt Patterson (OT)

John Phillips (NT)

Matthew Pine (C)

Myron Pope (LB)

Bart Pritchett (NT)

Michael Proctor (PK)

Michael Rogers (LB)

Andre Royal (LB)

James Shackelford (FS)

Sam Shade (CB)

Tobie Sheils (C)

Jon Stevenson (OT)

Dabo Swinney (WR)

George Teague (CB)

Bryan Thornton (DE)

Jeff Torrence (LB)

James Tuley (PK)

Eric Turner (SS)

Jeff Wall (H)

John Walters (LB)

Tab Whisenhunt (LB)

Sherman Williams (TB)

George Wilson (OG)

Prince Wimbley (SE)

Again, for the major championship game moments, the Strip, the future NFL players, check out the link above. But, if you want to relive all 13 games and see some forgotten faces, take an hour out of your day and enjoy this.

92 Days ‘til Alabama football

Roll Tide