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Jumbo Package: Baseball’s Brad Bohannon drawing rave reviews

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‘Bama Baseball Fever, catch the Bo-mentum

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Collusion on Line One

Panthers rookie running back Christian McCaffrey isn’t allowed to participate in Organized Team Activities because of an NFL rule keeping rookies off the field until their colleges’ end their spring semesters. McCaffrey is not a fan of that rule.

It sucks,” McCaffrey told the team’s website, “it’s really tough.”

The NFL says the rule is designed to encourage players not to drop out of college, but realistically, many top players already choose not to enroll in the spring semester because they they want to prepare for the Scouting Combine and the draft

So many takes fly off the shelf regarding the restraint of trade in which the NCAA allegedly engages. But rarer are the looks at what the NFL does to also keep younger players out of the league. Preventing OTA participation is just one. Realistically, most schools are not on the trimester or super-late schedule as Stanford is, so this rule doesn’t apply to most players. However, for those that it does apply, there are two choices: Not enroll in the Spring semester and miss bowl games and possibly the use of school facilities, or just suck it up and realize that you may potentially miss OTAs your rookie year.

Don’t expect to see this rule go anywhere; despite very public spats with two NFL all-pros (Eric Swann, Warrick Dunn,) the NFL has never budged from the position of requiring X years beyond high school, nor that students presently enrolled actually finish the semester out.

For Panther haters, this is also good news. Just throwing that out there if you want to be petty.

How good was Lane Kiffin?

Turns out, the Dreamy Nitwit was pretty danged good at making points appear on the board.

Check out this list of PPG generated by various OCs over the past four seasons. The first twelve names all run an uptempo air raid or the suped-up, frenetic version of the HUNH spread. Then, you get to the 13th and 14th names — Jimbo Fisher and Lane Kiffin, both of whom incorporate spread elements to be sure, but are not HUNH/Air Raid programs. Other names appearing the Top 30 include Mike Bobo’s aesthetically pleasing ‘Dawg offenses and Jonathan Smith’s fantastically balanced pro offense in Washington. The rest are all air raid or HUNH/option teams.

This again reinforces a recurring motif we’ve unearthed here at RBR; a conclusion that each passing chart or data analysis provides: the frenzied up tempo HUNH and Air Raid offenses will certainly sell you tickets, they’ll win you games, they’ll get you conference title -- occasionally even to the playoffs. But, they just don’t seem to be able to win the whole enchilada. Obviously the stress on the defense when the LOS is lost or a team has quick possessions is but one obvious reason. Y’all can discuss others below.

UAB Rebuild

This is a great interview with UAB head man Bill Clark about how he’s tried to rebuild the program over the past two years. He’s such a good coach and a generally all-around good guy.

The only thing I took issue with was this bit of fluffery that masks the real monetary problems problems facing the Blazers:

“It’s going to be everything for us,” Clark said. “It’s not ‘This is coming.’ No, you see it. Any time a guy can just drive up and see something, without you having to say a word, it shows a real commitment. This is literally from our community. This was private money. “You’re talking about $44 million raised since June two years ago. That’s amazing.

That $44 million dollars in private money referred to here are pledges only. UAB gladly releases that number. They are far more tight-mouthed about how many dollars have actually been collected. But, for the first 18 months, checks weren’t following the supportive talk in Birmingham. Maybe collections finally caught up? But, my guess is not. #FreeUAB was a long time ago and Auburn fans waging a PR war UAB supporters (used in the loosest sense possible, since UAB has never had support) seem far quieter these days, despite the program kicking back off in just three months.

I get the feeling we’ll be doing this again in five years, or the program will drop back down to its previous status as an excellent FCS or DII program.

Saban Tree does it right.

One this is clear, in the wake of the sexual assault scandal in East Lansing, Sparty is not Baylor. Not only did veteran players respond appropriately, but Mark Dantonio did things the right way.

Monday brought two pieces of news surrounding the Michigan State football program and its handling of sexual misconduct allegations against its players.

A private counsel’s report by the law firm Jones Day found that the program’s head coach, Mark Dantonio, correctly handled reports of such misconduct when they were brought to him in January and April.

The only reason this is a “scandal,” is because, to date, the university will not verify which three players were involved with the allegations. People try to retrofit released guys to speculation, but nothing has been verified yet.

The bigger takeaway is that there is a premium for doing things the right way when faced with allegations of/factual instances of sexual assault.

Bohannon making an impression

Obviously Roger is a big fan of new baseball coach Brad Bohannon, but BB is also drawing rave reviews for his level-headed enthusiasm and willingness to sell the program. He’s not one for excuse-making, and he came out of the gate ignoring any handicaps the Tide face.

Athletic Director Greg Byrne minced no words effusively praising Bohannon either. And, why would he? Bohannon has sold me on ‘Bama Baseball Fever

During his interview with Byrne, Bohannon laid out an elaborate plan that included several PowerPoint slides that touched on everything from recruiting, to building a “great team culture,” to getting the Alabama alumni heavily involved in the program.

“He hit a grand slam,” Byrne said.

He may be undecided on coaching in a potential Super Regional, but Bohannon is fired up to begin recruiting with a script crimson “A” on his chest, touting the history and winning tradition of Alabama baseball. He said he “can’t wait to get kids on campus this week and show them our great place.”

“My goal going forward is to make Alabama the absolute best place to play college baseball in the country, and we have everything we need in place to make that happen,” he said. “We’re going to do that by being a players-first program.

This is just a terrific hire, ladies and gents. Terrific.

Otherwise, it’s just a really dead week, folks. Enjoy the hot takes above and take our poll. Why not? It’s the offseason.


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