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Alabama Football Finds Its Way to an 85 Man Roster

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With the departures of a few players, the Crimson Tide is able to squeeze in Hunter Brannon and Joseph Bulovas for the Fall.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Alabama Practice Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Brent wrote about the new roster release of Alabama players and some weight changes. Now, we will tackle the scholarship numbers.

By my count, there are 85 scholarship players if you include blueshirts, OL Hunter Brannon and kicker Joseph Bulovas, but omitting grayshirt Jarez Parks and walk-ons Jamey Mosley, Levi Wallace, and Andy Pappanastos. Mosley and Wallace have earned scholarships in the past but only on a semester basis. Pappanastos may have as well but it is unclear.


For a refresher on grayshirts, blueshirts, et al, read this explanation. Multiple sources seem to interpret that blueshirts are not eligible to play their first season but I believe that is not accurate. The best explanation comes from a Southern Cal Fansided site of all places:

They are eligible to both enroll and play during the initial fall semester following their high school graduation or junior college transfer, but are not counted as an incoming scholarship player until the following year’s recruiting class.

In order to count towards the next allotment of scholarships, blueshirts begin as walk-ons and are not brought on scholarship until after the first day of fall camp.

In short, they are not yet on scholarship but will be in the fall as long as the total number is 85. Their signings will count towards the 2018 class. Parks too will count towards 2018 (meaning only 22 signees for this next class), but he cannot enroll until January 2018. There is a possibility that he could blueshirt as well if the Tide loses one more scholarship player before Fall. This scenario actually occurred to starting center Bradley Bozeman. He was initially asked to grayshirt but when someone left the program, he was bumped up to the fall enrollment.


Below is the 115 man roster from with my count in the right column.

# Full Name Pos. Academic Year Count
1 Ben Davis LB R-Fr. 1
1 Robert Foster WR R-Sr. 2
2 Tony Brown DB Sr. 3
2 Jalen Hurts QB So. 4
3 Calvin Ridley WR Jr. 5
3 Daniel Wright DB Fr. 6
4 Christopher Allen LB Fr. 7
4 Jerry Jeudy WR Fr. 8
5 Shyheim Carter DB So. 9
5 Ronnie Clark TE R-Jr. 10
6 Hootie Jones DB Sr. 11
6 DeVonta Smith WR Fr. 12
7 Trevon Diggs DB/WR So. 13
7 Dylan Moses LB Fr. 14
8 Josh Jacobs RB So. 15
9 Da'Shawn Hand DL Sr. 16
9 Bo Scarbrough RB Jr. 17
10 Mac Jones QB Fr. 18
11 Henry Ruggs III WR Fr. 19
12 Chadarius Townsend RB Fr. 20
13 Nigel Knott DB R-Fr. 21
13 Tua Tagovailoa QB Fr. 22
14 Tyrell Shavers WR Fr. 23
14 Deionte Thompson DB R-So. 24
15 Ronnie Harrison DB Jr. 25
15 JK Scott P Sr. 26
16 Jamey Mosley LB R-Jr. Walk-on
17 Cam Sims WR Sr. 27
18 Montana Murphy QB So. Walk-on
19 Austin Johnson QB Jr. Walk-on
19 Xavian Marks WR Jr. 28
20 Shaun Dion Hamilton LB Sr. 29
21 B.J. Emmons RB So. 30
21 Rogria Lewis DB Sr. Walk-on
21 Jared Mayden DB So. 31
22 Najee Harris RB Fr. 32
23 Aaron Robinson DB So. 33
24 Terrell Lewis LB So. 34
24 Brian Robinson Jr. RB Fr. 35
25 Xavier McKinney DB Fr. 36
26 Kyriq McDonald DB Fr. 37
28 Anthony Averett DB R-Sr. 38
29 Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Jr. 39
30 Ryan Burns DB So. Walk-on
30 Daniel Skehan WR Sr. Walk-on
30 Mack Wilson LB So. 40
31 Keaton Anderson DB R-So. 41
32 Rashaan Evans LB Sr. 42
32 Swade Hutchinson WR Sr. Walk-on
33 Anfernee Jennings LB R-So. 43
34 Damien Harris RB Jr. 44
36 Markail Benton LB Fr. 45
36 Mac Hereford WR So. Walk-on
37 Donavan Mosley DB Jr. Walk-on
37 Jonathan Rice WR Jr. Walk-on
39 Levi Wallace DB Sr. Walk-on
40 Giles Amos TE So. Walk-on
40 Joshua McMillon LB R-So. 46
41 Chris Herring WR So. Walk-on
42 Keith Holcombe LB R-Jr. 47
42 Jacob Parker TE Sr. Walk-on
43 Parker Bearden DB So. Walk-on
43 VanDarius Cowan LB Fr. 48
44 Kedrick James TE Fr. 49
45 Hunter Bryant TE Sr. Walk-on
45 Thomas Fletcher LS Fr. 50
45 Bo Grant DB Sr. Walk-on
46 Joseph Harvey TE Sr. Walk-on
47 Christian Miller LB R-Jr. 51
48 Mekhi Brown LB R-So. 52
48 Sean Goodman TE So. Walk-on
49 Isaiah Buggs DL Jr. 53
50 Vohn Keith Jr. DL Sr. Walk-on
52 Scott Meyer SN R-Fr. Walk-on
53 Ryan Parris SN Jr. Walk-on
56 Brandon Kennedy OL R-So. 54
58 Daniel Powell DL So. Walk-on
59 Dallas Warmack OL Jr. 55
60 Kendall Randolph OL Fr. 56
62 Hunter Brannon OL Fr. 57
63 J.C. Hassenauer OL Sr. 58
65 Deonte Brown OL R-Fr. 59
66 Lester Cotton OL Jr. 60
67 Josh Casher OL R-Jr. 61
69 Joshua Frazier DL Sr. 62
70 Alex Leatherwood OL Fr. 63
71 Ross Pierschbacher OL R-Jr. 64
72 Richie Petitbon OL R-So. 65
73 Jonah Williams OL So. 66
74 Jedrick Wills Jr. OL Fr. 67
75 Bradley Bozeman OL R-Sr. 68
76 Scott Lashley OL R-Fr. 69
77 Matt Womack OL R-So. 70
78 Elliot Baker OL Jr. 71
79 Chris Owens OL R-Fr. 72
81 Derek Kief WR R-Jr. 73
82 Irv Smith Jr. TE So. 74
83 Cam Stewart TE So. Walk-on
84 Hale Hentges TE Jr. 75
85 Donnie Lee Jr. WR Sr. Walk-on
87 Miller Forristall TE So. 76
88 Major Tennison TE Fr. 77
89 LaBryan Ray DL Fr. 78
90 Jamar King DL Sr. 79
92 Andy Pappanastos PK R-Sr. Walk-on
92 Quinnen Williams DL R-Fr. 80
93 Phidarian Mathis DL Fr. 81
94 Da'Ron Payne DL Jr. 82
95 Johnny Dwight DL R-Jr. 83
95 Taylor Wilson DL So. Walk-on
96 Brannon Satterfield P Jr. Walk-on
97 Mike Bernier P Jr. Walk-on
97 Joseph Bulovas PK Fr. 84
98 Preston Knight P So. Walk-on
99 Raekwon Davis DL So. 85


A few jersey number changes to report:

  • DB Jared Mayden moves from 8 to 21.
  • RB Josh Jacobs spurns 25 for the newly available 8.
  • Johnny Dwight passes on 36 for the more DL-appropriate 95.