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What do Brodie Croyle, Jonathan Allen, Shaun Alexander and Cornelius Bennett all have in common?

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Four legends & what they share in common.

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The sack
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What do Shaun Alexander, Jonathan Allen, Cornelius Bennett and Brodie Croyle have in common?

All four are legends on the Capstone. All four have produced iconic plays over the last 30 years. All four went to the NFL, and two of them are or will be NFL Hall of Famers, with another who has the potential to be one day.

Give up?

These four players all have the number 41 in common. I didn’t want to tip you off, but in our Countdown series we have reached 41. I couldn’t pick just one player for this symbolic number, so they’re all going to share. Besides, it beats the other 41 I could chosen.


Cornelius Bennett

Cornelius Bennett is tied for fourth all-time in Alabama history with 41 tackles for loss.

Bennett was best known for changing Alabama’s historical fortunes against Notre Dame in 1986. The Tide were 0-5 all-time against the Domers when Steve Beuerlein and the Irish paid Legion Field a visit. In a signature moment, Biscuit had a sack, forced a fumble, and knocked the Notre Dame quarterback unconscious. Alabama finally beat the Irish that day, 28-10:

Jonathan Allen

We said Bennett shares the 4th spot for Alabama’s tackles for loss. Meet the other guy that shares the record book, the Tide’s terrifying Jonathan Allen, who also has 41 tackles for loss.

He is known for his business-like focus and intensity...

And, he is known for his frightening athleticism...

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Brodie Croyle

Brodie had so much potential with some better coaching. He’s still in the Top 3 in just about every major category in Alabama quarterback history. For an undersized guy, he was brave, tough, stepped into his throws and delivered a cannonball of a pass. He had a helluva’ arm was unafraid to go deep.

He has 41 touchdown passes, good for third in Alabama history. Perhaps none are as iconic as this perfect touchdown pass in tight coverage to Tyrone Prothro to open the Game of Which We Do Not Speak.

Shaun Alexander

Statistics be damned, there are many who will say this is best running back in school history, and they have a case. Built like a bruiser, agile as a leopard, Alexander the Great was simply that -- great. He still leads all Alabama backs with touchdowns scored (50,) and held the Tide record for 15 years with 41 rushing touchdowns.

Perhaps no moment was as iconic as him announcing his arrival in Baton Rouge as a true freshman in 1996. That night he went off for 291 yards, still a an Alabama freshman and school record for yards in a game. He is the Tide’s second leading rusher in: yards in a season, yards in a career, and career rushing touchdowns. He is the leader or tied for the school record in career attempt and touchdowns scored in a game.

He was so damned good.


41 days til Alabama football.

Roll Tide