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Jumbo Package: Should the Power 5 just schedule amongst themselves?

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Nick Saban makes the case for a two-tiered FBS system

Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual - USC v Penn State
Nick Saban wants these games every week
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Poor Ed Stinson, the former Alabama defensive linemen is hurt again.

Cyrus Kouandjio is again on the IR as well, for non-football related issues

What position is Jonathan Allen getting work at? (I’d prefer to see him polish, develop some more skills, and be on the outside. He’s not big enough to be an every-down DT on Sunday.)

Meanwhile, Reggie Ragland, coming off a freakish ACL tear in last year’s training camp, is working to keep his weight a bit lower than in college. Ragland is an interesting case. He’s the last of the real monster-sized ILB that Saban recruited: the old-school running game thumpers. It will be interesting to see if a lighter Reggie can move sideline-to-sideline and improve his pass coverage in the NFL. ranks the Ole Miss scandal in SEC history. LOL. There’s some dirty stuff in here, kids -- much of which we’ve lived through. Speaking of, Lewis, the kid that Ole Miss outed in its Notice of Allegations, is going to have to meet with the NCAA. He got immunity, but like any immunity deal, testimony is part of the process. And, the Marmot spoke yesterday for the first time. You can guess what half of his interview with Memphis’ Commercial Appeal was about. I link this every so often, but if you’ve not read Godfrey’s “meet the bagman,” you should. He’s well-connected to Ole Miss, so it’s always fun seeing after the fact what villainy matches up with the NCAA NOA.

Nick Saban, who we wrote about this morning in our rousing defense of oligarchy, wants power 5-vs-power 5 scheduling -- a proposal that all-but kills off the Group of 5 schools (LOL.) The midmajor guys are very salty about this, because it shuts them out of money and lucrative bowls. To which, I ask, how do they think the big bowls got big? It wasn’t broadcasting Michigan Directional Hair Institute. And, second, why should a hundred-plus million dollar program be beholden to schedule Cripple Kicking State and fund their athletic program?

Do I think it’s a good idea? Not particularly. I think it all-but certainly fosters too much parity among the 62 teams in the P5 and diminishes the product ultimately — the semi-professional D-league becomes a fait accompli. That is but one of perhaps half a dozen good reasons I can give against the proposal. But, I don’t think BFE A&M has anything of substance to contribute to this discussion. Beggars can’t be choosers has never been so apt.

For more of Nic Saban’s Quotables on ESPN’s Carwash series, check ‘em out heyah.

Of relevance in those quotes for the season is what is amiss from the defense. Talent and depth are there. But, much like media days, he is stressing that the defense needs to come together and find an identity and some chemistry. There are 29 team events to do it in before the season starts, Coach. Don’t panic just yet.

SEC Network’s Alabama Day takeover is tomorrow. Call in sick if you must. My one one complaint is that the football schedule is pretty blech TBH

Speaking of schedules, we have the Wednesday night CFB schedule for you. WHOOO! It’s so close, y’all

We have more stuff coming later today, including some hoops news. Start with this.

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