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Alabama Basketball: Sexton and Petty shine at Tide’s first open practice

Freshmen & transfers show off their athleticism

Alabama v Oregon
I want YOU to buckle up
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The exciting freshman class was on display yesterday during ‘Bama’s first open practice for media and fans.

The freshmen duo of Collin Sexton and John Petty stood out, especially Sexton, who stole the show:

Sexton was smooth and quick pushing the ball up the floor and hit multiple mid-range jumpers in transition during drills. Four-star guard John Petty had a tomahawk dunk in transition and hit a 3-pointer from the wing in a situation where the team would have had to do a sprint if he missed. Four-star forward Alex Reese and three-star guard Herb Jones also had standout moments.

"They're really talented," sophomore Braxton Key said of the freshmen. "We all joke around like, 'Man, they play like they're sophomores or juniors.' They're really talented. A lot of guys will surprise you if you watch practice throughout the whole practice. But they're really good. They're good teammates on and off the court, so they've been doing a great job."

Also from the article are quotes from Braxton Key on his flirting with the NBA and Coach Johnson, speaking of Daniel Giddens. The Ohio State transfer has gained 25 pounds to become an imposing interior force:

"He's providing a lot of muscle," Johnson said. "We lost a lot with Jimmie (Taylor) and Bola (Olaniyan) inside. Daniel knows that now it's his turn to come in and provide some of that muscle. His body looks great. ... We need him to be that workhorse for us inside, and he's accepted that responsibility."

247’s Travis Reier got some excellent little clips of the practice yesterday. Including Texas transfer Tevin Mack:

Daniel Giddens

And, power forward Alex Reese (among others.)

Who else is getting pumped?