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Offseason Strikes Again: Da’Shawn Hand arrested for DUI

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We almost made it a whole summer.

Alabama v Tennessee
gotta be smarter, big fella
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We almost made it a whole summer, y’all! No real trouble to speak of -- no lurking in Publix parking lots, no smoking weed beside Louisiana schools, no guns, no booze, no Brandon Chickens...

Until last night, that is.

The nation’s No. 1 recruit in 2014, and expected starting defensive end, Da’Shawn Hand was popped for DUI.

Details are sparse, but here’s the gist of what we have from Michael Casagrande:

Just days before opening preseason practice, one of Alabama's top returning players was arrested.

Defensive lineman Da'Shawn Hand was charged with DUI on Saturday morning in Tuscaloosa. His bond was set at $1,000. Further details were not immediately available.

We don’t know how bad this was (comparatively speaking,) whether it can be contested, how he’ll plead, or the eventual determination of his guilt or innocence if it even goes to trial. Cynically, I’d suggest that he lawyer-up, waive speedy trial and try to drag this past the Florida State game. Then, he can cop a plea, get youthful offender status, and sit against Colorado State or Fresno State -- then whatever terrible team punishment Saban has lined up for him.

Alabama, already short on experience in the front seven, is really relying on Hand to step up and be the playmaker this year. His relief experience last season showed that has that potential, provided he can stay out of his own way now.

Nick Saban is an unhappy man; I’m just going out on a limb here with that guess.

Damn you, offseason. We almost made it.