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SEC Media Days Suggestion Box

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Give us your hot takes.

NCAA Football: SEC-Media Day Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Next week, we’ll again be covering SEC Media Days. Given that it’s Nick Saban, usually any questions of substance I have are addressed by others, or he touches on them spontaneously in his opening remarks and soliloquies.

But, this year, I have a burning question to ask Coach, “What position do you find it hardest to recruit.” That seems specific, but is very open-ended for him to go off on recruiting tangents (and I suspect it’s cornerbacks, BTW.)

Since I’m already going to be talking, I figure I’ll work in at least one other question for Coach Saban from our readers, maybe more if some naturally dove-tail into follow-ups.

In the generously-provided comment section below, give us your suggested questions for Coach Saban. I’ll pick at least one and ask it if we can.

Roll Tide