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ICYMI: Alabama Baseball Slugger Breaks the Scoreboard at the 2017 College Home Run Derby

The Crimson Tide’s Chandler Taylor Puts on a Show

Chandler Taylor punishes some baseballs.

The 2017 College Home Run Derby was held last weekend and Alabama sophomore Chandler Taylor put on a show. The Tide outfielder hit at least five balls completely out of TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha including one bomb that traveled 493 feet. He had the three longest shots of the night of 471, 476, and the aforementioned 493.

If that was not enough, he hit two dingers that hit the scoreboard in right field, knocking out some lights.

Taylor made it to the final round but missed out on the trophy by one home run because the other finalist hit the “Money Ball” that counted as two home runs.

If you have access to ESPN online, you can watch the replay here. The whole show is two hours long. If you just want to see Taylor, here is where each of his rounds start:

Round 1 - 0:51:00

Round 2 - 1:14:00

Round 3 - 1:50:00

It is nice to know that he will be back for the Crimson Tide next season. The fact that he is a left-handed hitter will certainly catch the eyes of MLB scouts.

[If you are having trouble accessing the video, click here.]