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BREAKING: Raekwon Davis shot on eve of Florida State opener

Club 17 is a hive of scum and villainy

NCAA Football: Alabama at Tennessee
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Six days before the biggest opener in Alabama history, maybe in the history of the sport, Alabama looks to have lost starting defensive end Raekwon Davis.

Per the Tuscaloosa News, Davis was at Club 17 in the West End of Tuscaloosa Saturday night when:

“The victim told investigators he was standing outside of Bar 17 when he heard several gunshots and realized he had been shot in the right leg,” Homicide Unit commander Capt. Gary Hood said.

“The victim was uncooperative with investigators.”

Bar 17, at 3217 10th St., is just off Stillman Boulevard and has been the site of shootings and a homicide over the last few years. It was most recently called The Playhouse. Investigators recovered several shell casings from the parking lot, Hood said. Davis was treated at DCH Regional Medical Center, where he was reportedly uncooperative with investigators who arrived to take a report.

To say that Club 17 has been the site of shootings is a mild understatement. Why this place is still in-bounds for the players is as baffling as why Mayor Maddox and the City of Tuscaloosa permit it remain open. It is, and has been for the better part of a decade, a public nuisance.

While Davis’ injuries are characterized as minor, his noncooperation with homicide investigators is far more troubling. Such power as the coaching staff wields would be well-served by getting Davis to come forth with what he does know. This says nothing of his potential? probable? loss to the team.

Best of luck to Davis on his recovery, and for his continued safety. But, this situation, and Club 17, has to be sorted out for his well-being and the well-being of the city.

Finally, lest I remind you, this was the last weekend of #offseason. Yeesh.

As the beat folks get more information, or if we find out anything additional, we’ll update this for you.