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Jumbo Package: Saban updates Raekwon Davis, releases depth chart featuring 11 freshmen

One of the best signing classes ever looks to play early

NCAA Football: Alabama Spring Game-A-Day
Forget Rudy. We got Jeudy.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Today is sort of disjointed, so bear with me with all of these quick-hitters.


The Mothership has published its comprehensive and on-going season preview. If you want to fall into a rabbit hole of advanced stats and analysis, check it out.

Do you miss Danny Kanell? Me either. For whatever reason, Sirius XM is now paying him actual US currency to dispense his “wisdom” and “analysis.” If you’re a masochist, here are the details.


Nice stat

DYK: Saban and Fisher have never lost a season-opener in their current job and they are the only two active FBS coaches with a winning record vs. the Top 25?

BUT, want to feel better? There’s a whole lot of quit in the ‘Noles:

DYK II: FSU lost to Louisville by as many points (43) as the total number of points Alabama has lost the last three seasons?

DYK III: Under Jimbo, FSU has as more double-digit losses (13) than Alabama has had total losses since 2008 (11?)

This one could be a rout, is what I’m saying. So, go into Saturday night with confidence, my friends.

Want another encouraging omen? Alabama’s soccer scored its first ever win over a top-10 program this weekend. Know who they beat? No. 4 Florida State.

Alabama has an increasing number of Texas players on its roster. One of whom is Houston-native Jalen Hurts. His family and home are okay, but the rest of H-Town? Not so well.

On the front page, we’ve linked resources on how you can do whatever possible to lend a hand. Houston had 12 trillion gallons of rain fall on it through yesterday morning. Before Harvey has cleared out, the region is expecting another 12 trillion gallons of rain. This is a catastrophe that defies description, and those folks can use your help.

Really nice story here on the dynamics between Fisher and Saban:

During LSU’s practices, Fisher would go off script from time to time when facing Saban’s defense, and that usually drew ire from the then-Tigers coach -- even Saban, himself, admitted.

“We’re having team run and they’re running zone-read options and all that kind of stuff,” Saban recalled before Monday’s game-week practice. “All of the sudden we start running kind of RPOs, going team run when I’m worried about ‘Can we block them? Can we take on blocks? Can we control blockers?’ And the ball comes spitting out of there.

“I can remember that’s one time that I threw a Nick fit -- if you want to call it that.”

The official depth chart is out.

One of our takeaways is related to tight ends. We reported after the scrimmages that Irv Smith has had an outstanding camp. He has won the starting job at H-Back, where he is backed up by Miller Forristall. Hale Hentges is your starter at true TE. He’s the most physical of the bunch while still combining good receiving abilities and speed. Here is AL’s intel on the position battles.

Others have their own takeaways from it.

But, maybe the scariest part about the Tide two-deep? There are 11 freshmen on it. (Edvard Munch “Scream” face). OR, you can look at that as encouraging embarrassment of riches. For instance, we’ve been telling you how much of a burner Devonta Smith is: He’s the second-team X receiver (go deep, Deeee-vontttaaaaay.) Jerry Jeudy is already on the first line with Cam Sims for that WR3 spot. Jedrick Wills won the Co-No. 1 spot at RT with Matt Womack.

This signing class was one of the greatest of all-time: that this many true freshmen are getting looks early is merely a reflection of that.


The Tide practiced indoors yesterday, here’s what they looked like (PHOTO GALLERY.)

Coach Saban spoke about Raekwon Davis yesterday.

He is still “gathering facts” but thinks his guy did nothing wrong except the usual -- out late at the wrong place. Hint: Club 17 has to be a prohibition, coach. Not just a recommendation.

“I’m always concerned about our players being out, where they’re out, who they’re with, who’s the alpha dog to provide the leadership to get out of that situation somewhere earlier in the evening where it would have never would have happened.

“So I’m always concerned about player safety. I’m very concerned about this player’s safety. I’m very concerned about this player’s well-being and getting healthy and in the future. But if they’d have followed my advice, they never would have been there.”

So, yeah, he’s pissed at where they were and when they were there -- about the same as most of us were. Still not answered is why a shooting victim has refused to speak with police, but we’ll let Coach skate by that one -- not like he has any intention of ever answering it.

Davis is day-to-day, but he apparently was grazed. Barring an infection, I guaranteed he’s playing.

Here is the presser in full from Aye Ell:

Some practice notes: we have player numbers being reshuffled with the kickers. Scott is now No. 10 for instance.

The first-team nickel defense consisted of Ronnie Harrison and Hootie Jones at safety, Minkah Fitzpatrick at Star, Anthony Averett at right cornerback and the combination of Diggs and Wallace at left cornerback.

Rashaan Evans and Shaun Dion Hamilton were the two inside linebackers. Mack Wilson shadowed Hamilton.

As for Tony Brown? He’s listed as the second-group Star CB.

There’s also injury news on Josh Jacobs -- same as ever: day-to-day and evaluating. Sigh.


CB has a predictions piece coming in a bit. For now, go forth to evil.