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Join RBR’s College Football Pick ‘Em!

And you just may win some Alabama swag from NIMA USA!

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.

Grand prize above you, and she’s a beaut, Clark!

We’ve made it!

Football’s regular season starts today. And, with its arrival, so too comes the smack-talking, valuable self-esteem, and reproductive opportunities that you can only enjoy by winning our 10th annual College Football Pick ‘Em Contest.

We also have some loot for the winner.

How to play

Create your Yahoo Fantasy profile (or sign in,) then go to the following link: (or copy and paste

Group Name: Roll ‘Bama Roll ‘17

When queried to “join a group” enter the following information:

Group ID#: 4331

Group Password 1234

That’s it.

All you have to do then is select your teams.

The first games get under way tomorrow. I’ve also set up the picks to be due 5 minutes before game times, not all at once: life comes at you fast, and injuries, suspensions, etc happen. No need to be penalized for those.

See League Rules on the Yahoo page or below for scoring details.

What Can I Win?!

Over Father’s Day, we had a promo for this gorgeous NIMA USA bluetooth stereo helmet speaker.

We wrote:

Overall this design is pretty amazing, not only is it built really well but who would have thought the helmet shape would make an excellent acoustical vessel for sound.

In terms of clarity, signal strength, bass punch, true mids, and crisp treble, the NIMA blew the comparably-priced Sony away. It was not have quite in the same class as the far pricier, physically-docked SoundDock, but it even met or exceeded the Bose Soundlink -- at a significantly lower cost than the latter.

Want some good news?

You loved the speaker so much, that I was able to beg another one from the fine folks at NIMA USA. And, they came through for you ingrates!

The grand prize winner will get one. On us!

And, even if you miss out on the grand prize, you can always pick one up for your desk or tailgate For a complete of description and benchmark sheet on this awesome prize from NIMA USA, check out our review and recommendation .



1. No purchase necessary to win. Contest is open to all readers.

2. Participation is open to editors, writers, contributors and staff of SB Nation/Roll ‘Bama Roll.

3. Contest prize has a retail value not exceeding $149.99 USD. Such winnings may be taxable. It is up to you to report all winnings to appropriate taxation authorities.

4. RBR/SBN assumes no liability for participation herein, and expressly does not make any warranties regarding the contest or prize, whether express or implied. All warranties disclaimed.

5. Participation is governed by the terms of service set forth by Vox/SBN, Roll ‘Bama Roll, and Yahoo! Sports.

6. Pick selections, winners, and tiebreakers are scored per Yahoo’s modified setting as follows:

  • Confidence: Points No
  • Spread: Yes
  • Tiebreakers: Yes
  • Start Week: 1
  • Drop Scores: No, use all weeks
  • Deadline: 5 minutes before each game
  • Games To Include: Use Yahoo default, Top 25, and SEC conference games

7. Your participation signifies you have read the above and forgoing rules and agree to the terms and conditions.

That’s it. Space is limited, so hurry: Sign up, go forth, pick, enjoy.

And may the Gump forever be in your favor.