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2 Days ‘Til Alabama Football: Rocky Block saved a championship, perhaps a dynasty

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Two-time All-American Terrence Cody owns an Alabama record.

That is enough to hang his hat on. But, when Mount Cody earned it in the most improbable of circumstances, it was enough to make him — and the play -- legendary.

This game, this play, this countdown needs no set up. Time expiring in the fourth quarter of a bitterly-contested Third Saturday in October, the No. 1 Crimson Tide found itself clinging to a 2-point lead at home against the hated Volunteers.

Cody’s game-winning block was his second blocked kick of the game, a school record. They would be the only two blocks of his career.

Rocky Block, as it was later named, is perhaps the loudest moment in the history of Bryant-Denny Stadium. It saved a championship season, perhaps a dynasty.

The Vol tears have not dried to this day -- and they’re delicious.

2 days ‘til Alabama football.

Roll Tide