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The RBR Wheel of TOTO Domination

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It’s not a matter of if the D/ST scores, it’s when and how.

Yamaha's 125th Anniversary Dealer Concert Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Yamaha

It’s a new season and time to kick off a new streak of creative scores.

For the unitiated, we have come up with our own acronym - TOTO for Touchdowns Other Than Offensive - as a categorical rejection of the “NOT” nonsense spewed constantly and vociferously by the blowhards on ESPN, and we ask our readers to predict which Alabama player will take one back to the house for the upcoming game, and how.

Is this a little arrogant? It’s possible.

We’re doing it anyway.

Before we move on to week one of this season’s blog game, however, let’s reminisce a bit about the banner year that was 2016, shall we?

Good times.

OK, so here’s how it works. Tell us in the comments who will be scoring this week’s TOTO(s) and how it (they) will happen. No general stuff here, we are looking for specifics. Put it out there.

If anyone hits the nail on the head, you will be deified in this space next week.

Good luck and enjoy our theme song below.

Roll Tide.