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One Day ‘Til Alabama Football: Every season begins with one...

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Let’s make new memories.

Lost in the disappointment in Tampa, is that Alabama was working on breaking the school-record win streak of 28 games, set by Bryant’s last dynasty in ‘78-’80. The Tide would be looking to tie that mark tomorrow.

However, we are at one — Looking to begin a one-game winning streak as Alabama erases a one-game losing streak.

It’s a fresh start: for this young team, for this new coaching staff, for this new offense, which now only boasts two original members from Nick Saban’s first Tide staffs: Burton Burns and Scott Cochran. And, as with every other Saban team, those two men will again form the strength of the Tide: Toughness. Running that ball. But, this is a very different group with a very different identity that must be forged.

And, as with so many things in the ever-evolving college football landscape, that change is much of the joy and the excitement.

It is a kid’s game, played by kids. They take us along for the ride, but it is their joy we feed off of; their excitement; their own wonder at what their bodies can do; and the one play they make in each game that wins a ballgame, that defines a season, that wins a championship. It is the memories we make and enjoy for a lifetime.

Alabama came up one play short last year. It doesn’t happen often, and I wouldn’t bet on it happening again soon.

Here’s to making that one play and ending where the Tide begins 2017: number one.

One day ‘til Alabama Football

Roll Tide


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