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College Football Random Thoughts From Around the Country: Too Many Tigers and Too Many Bulldogs

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Forget culture change. How about a name change?

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Oklahoma v Ohio State
Okie celebrates at the Shoe.
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Going through this week’s game I am reminded of just how many unoriginal team names are out there. Furthermore, I am reminded of just how many “Tigers” team I absolutely detest. It is a bit surprising how many Bulldogs there are too. Somebody correct me if I am wrong but I am thinking Princeton was the first college to adopt the Tigers as their nickname. All the rest of these schools need to come up with something better. Maybe you have some @helpful@ suggestions you can share in comments?


Clemson 14 Auburn 6 - #TooManyTigers

Aubie QB Jarrett Stidham had a rather pedestrian game (13/24, 79 yds passing, 0 TD, 0 INT, 18 rushes, -42 yds). To his credit, the poor guy was chased around the field by 300 pound behemoths all night and was sacked 11 times! I am not sure why everyone is going all gaga over Clemson. They were better on the scoreboard but put up only 99 rushing yards, 185 passing, and lost two fumbles.

UGA fans take over South Bend.
My TV.

Georgia 20 Notre Dame 19 - #TooManyBulldogs

You have to give UGA fans credit. They came out in full force for this game. On Friday night they took over Wrigley Field. Saturday, it was Notre Dame Stadium. Pregame, I was all about ESS-EE-SEE! ESS-EE-SEE! ESS-EE-SEE! and fND. However in retrospect, this UGA win might have been a bad thing. If you pay attention to recruiting, you will know that Kirby Smart is erecting a big wall around the state border - something his predecessor could not do. This is not good for Alabama. TBH, I don’t think either of these teams are all that great but know that UGA nation will be beating their chests over this W for a long time.

As for the game, it was a back and forth affair until UGA made it 20-19 with 3:13 to go. After exchanging punts Notre Dame took one last possession with 1:50 remaining. The next @annointed one@ Brandon Wimbush (19/39, 211 yds, 0 INT, 0 TD, 3 fumbles, 2 lost) was sacked and fumbled the ball and the game. The alleged best running back duo in the nation, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, combined for only 136 yards and 1 TD.

In other news, Brian Kelly is a jerk. Do you think he is trying to get fired so he can just go sit on a beach somewhere and pull in a fat salary from Notre Dame? The Irish just finished paying off Charlie Weis to the tune of $18,967,960.

Oklahoma 31 Ohio State 16

It was a tale of two halves. The first half saw fumbles and field goals (and one missed field goal) and ended all even 3-3 at the break. In the second half, it was all Baker Mayfield (27/35, 386 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT) as he picked the Buckeyes defense apart. anOSU quarterback J.T. Barrett did not look like a four-year starting senior. If anything, he has regressed. His line was 19 of 35 for 183 yds, INT, 0 TD. He looked uncertain in the pocket and misthrew many balls.

Urban Meyer’s post-game presser topped out at a little over 5 minutes in length. He looked in no mood to answer real questions and as if he might display his breakfast for the media horde. So, I guess he’ll get sick again, have another miraculous recovery, and then take the Bengals head coaching job...

Hmm. What is that brown thing with white laces?

TCU 28 Arkansas 7

Do you think Arky AD Jeff Long wakes up every morning, showers, gets dressed, eats breakfast, and then promptly kicks himself in the backside for giving Bret Bielema a contract with a $15.4 million buyout (it drops to $11.7 million on January 1st)? It is Year 5 of Bertball and it’s the same old dreck year after year.

Austin Allen was an ineffective 9 of 23 for 138 yards and 4 of 13 for 31 yards in the second half alone. He was sacked three times. The Hogs could muster only 267 total yards and 13 first downs. Junior Cole Hedlund missed field goals of 23 and 20 yards for the Razorbacks and is 9 of 15 on the season. And he is their returning starter!

TCU wasn’t outstanding (361 total yards) but in Fayetteville I guess all you have to be is better than the guy across the line from you.


South Carolina 31 Missouri 13 #TooManyTigers

In the only SEC match up of the weekend, the Gamecocks again came in as underdogs and emerged as victors. Deebo Samuel had a 97 yard kickoff return for a second quarter touchdown. Drew Lock threw an interception to true freshman Jamyest Williams on the next play from scrimmage. Seconds later, Samuel was back in the end zone with another score on a 25-yard jet sweep to take a 14-10 lead that they would not relent.


If we have learned anything in the first two weeks, it is that parity is gaining traction but by no means has it taken over college football. Fans have witnessed a bevy of games between Power 5 and Mid-Major/FCS/cupcakes go toe-to-toe for a half or three quarters and sometimes deeper into games. But in the end, it is the Powers of the Power 5 that still rule this game. Long live the Powers of the Power 5!

For the record, as long as everyone else keeps playing cupcakes, so will the Crimson Tide.

Alabama 41 Fresno 10 - #TooManyBulldogs Props to Fresno coach Jeff Tedford. He and his staff did a fantastic job of scouting the Tide and finding holes in the defense. If he had some better athletes, this score might have been a tad closer.
LSU 45 Chattanooga at 10 - This game was never in doubt yet Coach O chose to run Derrius Guice 15 times for 102 yards and two scores.
Texas A&M 24 Nicholls 14 - Stick a fork in the Aggies. They might be done. A week after a historic collapse at UCLA, TAMU struggled mightily against this mediocre FCS team. Down 14-6 in the fourth quarter, the Colonels #NotEnoughColonels scored a touchdown AND the two-point conversion to tie it up. A late Aggies touchdown and an unnecessary field goal with 18 seconds left (desperate?) made the score look better than it was.
Ole Miss 45 UT Martin 23 - Do OM games even count this year? The Rebs were forced to keep their starters in most of the way including QB Shea Patterson who went the distance. Ole Miss had a bunch o’ passing yards but managed only 54 on the ground. BTW, UTM are the Skyhawks. Awesome nickname.
Mississippi State 57 Louisiana Tech 21 - #TooManyBulldogs Nick Fitzgerald and Aeris Williams both rushed for 100+.
Tennessee 42 Indiana State 7 - Another mismatch but the Vols did have two turnovers (a fumble and an interception) by starting QB Quinten Dormady. The Sycamores (awesome nickname) did not turn the ball over.
Kentucky 27 Eastern Kentucky 16 - The Colonels #JustEnoughColonels led this game 16-10 in the third quarter until the depth of UK hashed out the last 17 points.
Vanderbilt 42 Alabama A&M 0 - Vanderbilt quarterback Kyle Shurmur had a big game throwing four touchdown passes and running for another against the poor little AAMU Bulldogs #TooManyBulldogs.
Irma 1 Florida 0 Northern Colorado 0 - cancelled.


The Desmond Howard jinx is a REAL thing. Or at least I’m gonna make it a real thing. The ESPN blabbermouth picked Stanford, Georgia, Wisconsin, Miami, and Okie State to win their conferences.

  • Southern Cal 42 Stanford 24 - The Trojans put up 623 yards on the Trees.
  • Georgia - wait for it.
  • Wisconsin - wait for it.
  • Miami - wait for it.
  • Okie State - wait for it.


Iowa 44 Iowa State 41 (OT) - apparently, some people thought this was a good game. I did not know it existed until now.
New Mexico State 30 New Mexico 28 - winner gets Old Mexico. Sorry, that was lame. I’ve got nothing.
Utah 19 BYU 13 - Mostly Mormons beat the Mormons.


All these P5 teams lost at home:

Houston 19 Arizona 16 - RICH ROD, Y’ALL!
San Diego State 30 Arizona State 20 - Ya think Blake Barnett and Brandon Ruiz are having fun?
Middle Tennessee 30 Syracuse 23 - AYE-SEE-SEE! AYE-SEE-SEE! AYE-SEE-SEE!
Eastern Michigan 16 Rutgers 13 - The Big Ten’s dirty little secret.
Central Michigan 45 Kansas 27 - Has anyone seen Toto?
UT San Antonio 17 Baylor 10 - KARMA!!!


Kent State 38 Howard 31 - Talk about 15 minutes of fame! Everyone gushed when $cam Newton’s kid brother beat UNLV last week. Ooh, but Kent State. That is a whole other level, huh?
UNLV 44 Idaho 16 - Ya know things are bad when you lose to the team that lost to Howard. Idaho moves to FCS next season.
Oregon 42 Nebraska 35 - I am going to assume this was a good game. Get back to me when either of these teams reach some relevancy again.

Louisiana Monroe at Florida State Cancelled
Northern Colorado at Florida Cancelled
Memphis at UCF Cancelled
Miami at Arkansas State Cancelled ???
South Florida at UConn Cancelled ???

Okay, time for a rant. What exactly have these Athletics Directors of Florida schools been doing all summer? How is it after the Florida-LSU fiasco of last season that they do NOT have a contingency plan in place that is better than “oh gee willickers. I guess we gotta cancel”? I know the rhetoric of “football is so unimportant when it comes to safety I am holier than thou blah blah blah...” Give me a break.

Fortunately, there are two competent ADs in the Sunshine State. Legion Field in Birmingham graciously agreed to host the Alcorn State-Florida International on Friday and New Hampshire-Georgia Southern on Saturday. UCF could have easily moved their game to Memphis. Georgia’s Sanford Stadium and Georgia State Stadium (formerly Turner Field) sat empty this past weekend. Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile was available on Saturday. And there are plenty of other options. The incompetency or more likely the unwillingness of these ADs to accommodate the dreams of their student-athletes astounds me.

The thing that really blows my mind the most are Miami’s cancelled trip to Arkansas State and South Florida’s game at Connecticut. The Miami-Arkansas State game was cancelled “due to concerns the Hurricanes had about being able to return to Miami afterward.” SERIOUSLY???? You are concerned about getting them BACK to Miami??? If you take that trip to Pigsknuckle, you are doing hundreds of students and staff a huge favor by getting them out of the path of Irma by taking them on this road game that you promised. Here you have an already planned and paid for evacuation opportunity and you just want to throw it all away?

Football games are a precious few. Most teams get only 12 or 13 per year. When an AD callously cancels a game, it deprives student-athletes on both teams. It is rare when a program like Arkansas State can convince a program of the pedigree of Miami to come to their campus. Think of the thousands of students, alumni and fans, not to mention the players, who have had such a potentially wonderful memory dashed away because some overpaid AD wanted to take the easy way out. In addition, think of all the money wasted on plane tickets, hotel rooms, bus rentals, etc. etc. that just goes away. If FIU and Georgia Southern can figure it out, why can’t Miami and South Florida? Laziness.


To be honest, I am not sure if the Crimson Tide need strength of schedule (SOS) on their side this season. Just keep winning.

  • FSU (0-1) cancelled their game with La-Monroe. Up next another cancellation because it is @too much work to get this game in this Saturday@.
  • Colorado State (2-1) beat up on Abilene Christian 38-10.
  • Fresno falls to 1-1 on their way to 1-2 with a trip to Washington upcoming.
  • Mercer lost to #10 Wofford. Up next is their upset of Aubie.


I have flirted with the idea of adopting a few teams like Western Kentucky, Hawaii, and Kansas and of course they all lost this past Saturday. I am just not feeling it for any one team yet. I’m going to keep my eye on San Diego State who won AT Arizona State 30-20. That is the kind of team I might be able to get behind!


We all know who little brother is. These guys are more like cousins.

  • South Alabama (0-2) The Jags lost their starting QB early in the game and were forced to go with the back-up. The Oklahoma State defense was tough and hard-hitting. The offense was efficient. USA should get their first win this weekend against Alabama A&M.
  • Troy (1-1) pushed the Alabama State Hornets around 34-7. Next is a trip to New Mexico State.


UAB ran headlong into the speeding locomotive that is Ball Frickin State, losing 51-31 for their first loss in YEARS! The Blazers next face Coastal Carolina - WBRC FOX6 for you masochists.

Massive Hurricane Irma Bears Down On Florida
This is an actual shot of Boca Raton from this weekend.
Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

The FAU! Report

Lane Kiffin and company seemed to have no problem traveling to Madison for their 31-14 beatdown at the hands of Wisconsin. Yes, they have not been able to travel back to Boca as of yet, but the Badgers have been most gracious hosts and allowed the Owls access to their facilities, training tables, and Camp Randall Stadium for practices, in addition to helping offset hotel costs. FAU! will not resume classes until Sept. 18. So, what is the rush to go home except to sleep in your own bed? See how easy that was Miami?



  • Air Force (1-0) - The Falcons had a rare early-season bye week. It’s just as well as they used the time to tune up for their big upset at Michigan on Saturday.
  • Army (2-0) - The Black Knights hunted down Buffalo to near extinction 21-17. Following the Air Force’s lead, Army now prepares for their big upset of Ohio State.
  • Navy (2-0) - The Midshipmen sailed by Tulane 23-21. No game this weekend.


All non-Power 5 teams
Syracuse - lost at home to MTSU.
Boston College - lost at home to Wake.
Kansas - lost at home to Central Michigan.
Northwestern - lost to Duke 41-17.
Purdue - clobbered at home by Ohio 44-21.
Arizona - lost at home to Houston.
Arizona State - lost at home to San Diego State.
Oregon State
Iowa State
Ole Miss


A way WAY WAY too early look at the College Football Playoff (CFP) picture:

  • ACC - Clemson. FSU is Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'...
  • Big Ten - Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan all still breathing. Ohio State has some serious issues and may need to win out.
  • Big 12 - Okie and Okie State still linger.
  • PAC-12 - Southern Cal is back in the good graces of the press. Stanford will need to win out. Washington is sitting back but their schedule is SO lame. Could Oregon creep into the discussion?
  • SEC - Alabama, LSU, UGA lead. Auburn and Florida could find a way to sneak in, but they may have to win out.
  • Indies - Notre Dame, BYU - Buh and bye.


Flapping gums are fixating on the following:

  • Alabama is still up top but it’s not unanimous.
  • The Clemson bandwagon is filling up fast.
  • Oklahoma, new to the top 4.
  • Ohio State now it’s Penn State from the B1G, because you know - beating Akron and Pitt is so impressive.
Kristi Malzahn

Krazy Kristi's "SHUT UP!" of the Week goes to the poll voters. How in the BLEEP did Notre Dame sneak their way into the top 25 last week??? The AP had the Irish at #24, Coaches voted them #25. HELLO? They were 4-8 last year with current Cleveland Browns starter Deshone Kizer at QB! What makes you think they were one of the 25 best in the nation this year?


San Diego State’s Rashaad Penny accounted for 353 all-purpose yards and scored three different ways, leading San Diego State to a convincing 30-20 victory over Arizona State on Saturday night. 18 carries, 216 yards, 1 TD; 4 receptions, 38 yards, 1 TD; 1 kickoff return, 99 yards, 1 TD.


Tulsa’s D'Angelo Brewer carried the ball 38 times for 262 yards and 3 TDs in a 66-42 win over UL-Laf.


After the big win over Ohio State, QB Baker Mayfield thought it would be awesome to plant a Sooners flag in the big ‘O’ painted at the 50 yard. Personally, I am old school and favor the good sportsmanship “act like you’ve been there before” approach. [Can you imagine what Nick Saban woulda done if this had been one of his players?] But I guess when the Buckeyes stuck around the Sooners Stadium after last year’s beatdown and sang some weird sad Ohio State song on the field, the Sooners wanted some revenge. Mayfield issued an apology on Monday but it felt forced.


As the kids say: “Oh, snap!” Pitt and Penn State are scheduled to play again next season and in 2019.


Cue Wacky Sax! Have you ever seen a team with a 3rd and goal... at their own seven yard line?!?! That looked like an extreme XFL kickoff scramble.


With the exception of TWO YEARS, the Heisman Trophy voting is basically a hype award. Last year was yet another exhibit of the voters falling in love with someone way too early. That being the case, we'll bring you "Who Will Win" and "Who Should Win".

  • Who Will Win -
    Baker Mayfield (QB Oklahoma) threw for 386 yards and three touchdowns on 27 of 35 passing against Ohio State. But the guy is a little too cocky and could be off-putting to some voters.
    Mason Rudolph (QB Oklahoma State) Mobile got an up close and personal look at the Cowpokes QB. He was a solid 25-38, 335 YDS, 3 TD, 1 rushing TD. He was in total command of his offense and is starting to look like a high NFL pick. We’ll see what he is made of in the next two weeks: @Pitt, TCU.
    Sam Darnold (QB Southern Cal) had a good game against Stanford but has a lot of ground to make up.
    Jake Browning (QB Washington) The Huskies beat up on another doormat (Montana). His numbers were good. It’s the schedule that is killing him.
    Jarrett Stidham (QB Auburn) He won’t win but he’ll probably take home the Jeremy Johnson Award!
    Lamar Jackson (QB Louisville) I get the feeling that this year’s winner will be more of a Pro-style QB than a dual-threat. But we are still going to hear his name since he won last year.
    Saquon Barkley - The voters feel like they need to throw a running back in there.
    Derwin James (S FSU) He is not going to win but the blabbermouths always like to have a non-QB/RB to blab about.
  • Who Should Win - San Diego State’s Rashaad Penny has been the most outstanding player, but you know that is not what the Hypesman is about. Jumping over 5’ 9” Syracuse defenders is more important. Baker Mayfield is the best among Power 5.
Connecticut v BYU
What am I doing with my life?
Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images


  • Alabama right guard Lester Cotton got “dinged” against Fresno according to Nick Saban. He sat out Monday’s practice but is expected back at practice Tuesday. In the meantime, Matt Womack worked at the first-team right guard with Jedrick Wills at right tackle.
  • Linebacker Dylan Moses was also out on Monday with an undisclosed injury. Saban noted that he “will probably be back sometime soon. I don’t think either of them are serious injuries.”
  • Running back Josh Jacobs (hamstring) and linebackers Rashaan Evans (groin) and Anfernee Jennings (ankle) continue to rehab. Jacobs could make his season debut this Saturday against Colorado State. Evans and Jennings statuses are less certain.
  • Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson (hamstring) missed the Clemson game and is questionable for the Mizzou game.
  • LSU linebacker Arden Key has been cleared to play for first time this season but is still questionable. He has been battling shoulder issues.
  • Louisville RB Jeremy Smith out for the season with broken foot.
  • Rutgers offensive coordinator Jerry Kill had a minor seizure Sunday morning but is expected to be back at practice this week. He has been battling epilepsy which forced him to step down from the head coaching job at Minnesota.


Georgia Tech at Central Florida - cancelled even though they could easily move the game. That is two cancellations for UCF.
Miami at Florida State - postponed. This game will be played Oct. 7. As a result, the Georgia Tech at Miami game has been rescheduled from Thursday, Oct. 12 to Saturday, Oct. 14.
Florida International at Indiana - cancelled (?!?!)

Black and White TV

Below are just the highlights for games this weekend. If you want to know the game time of North Carolina A&T-Charlotte, you should probably look elsewhere.

Thursday, Sept 14:

New Mexico at Boise 7pm/8pm ESPN - This is more the Smurfs wheelhouse.

Friday, Sept 15:

Illinois at South Florida 6pm/7pm ESPN - yuck
UMass at Temple 6pm/7pm ESPNU - ugh
Arizona at UTEP 9:15/10:15 ESPN - oof

Saturday, Sept 16:


La-Laf at Texas A&M 11am/noon SECN - The way the Aggies are playing, this should be a close game.
Tennessee at Florida 2:30/3:30 CBS - Game 1 in the SEC East race.
Mercer at Auburn 3pm/4pm SECN - $13 on Stubhub!
Purdue at Missouri 3pm/4pm SECN - The B1G worst vs the SEC worst.
LSU at Mississippi State 6pm/7pm ESPN or ESPN - Nick Fitzgerald, meet reality. Reality, Nick Fitzgerald.
Samford at Georgia 6:30/7:30 SECN - #TooManyBulldogs
Kansas State at Vanderbilt 6:30/7:30 ESPNU - Game 1 of a brutal stretch for the ‘Dores: K-State, Bama, Fla, UGA...
Kentucky at South Carolina 6:30/7:30 SECN - Home opener for the 2-0 Gamecocks. Can they make it 3-0 for the first time since 2012?
Ole Miss at Cal 9:30/10:30 ESPN - The Bears have already beaten UNC.

Best of the Rest:

Oklahoma State at Pitt 11am/noon - Now we’ll see what the ‘Pokes are made of.
Clemson at Louisville 2:30/3:30 - The Cards have called for a blackout because, you know, it has worked so well for so many teams lately.
Texas at Southern Cal 7:30/8:30 FOX - They are just making Meltdown too easy.


Stanford at San Diego State 9:30/10:30 CBSSN - Keep an eye on the Aztecs.

* * * FYI - Alabama-Vandy will be the CBS game on September 23 at 2:30/3:30. * * *

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers
Derrick McKey keepin’ it real.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports



Colorado State at ALABAMA Saturday, September 16, 2017, 6pm/7pm, ESPN2

Bama is favored by only -28½.

Peace and blessings to you all!



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