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Alabama leads Colorado State 24-10 at the break: Second Half Open Thread

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The Rams are playing hard.

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a night of explosion for the Alabama offense.

Jalen Hurts has made two plays with his arm and one with his legs. We finally got to see that deep seam at work (Calvin Ridley for 78 yards.) And, yes, it appears as though Robert Foster is the fastest player on the roster -- taking a 3rd down completion 50+ yards, weaving his way across the grain, through traffic, and then turning on jets.

The Rams are game though. Lewis-to-Gallup has been productive for CSU, and they are having some success clearing the middle of the field and exploiting Alabama’s young linebackers with the tight ends and QB draws.

Get strapped in for a competitive second half, and expect to see some more consistent running, where the Tide hasn’t had great success.

What are your thoughts?