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Taking Stock: The Best of College Football Week 3

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Some of the best tweets, photos, moments and laughs from each week of CFB.

It was that type of week for most fans.

Note: Many of y’all know me around here for my football recruiting coverage. Recruiting is finally picking up and so will the stories. On top of those, I will be doing a weekly segment covering the best news/laughs from Reddit, Twitter and more about each week of football. Hope you guys enjoy.

Best Player’s Quote

I agree Chase, those troops are gonna be a force to be reckon with in a couple of years.

Best Coach’s Quote

Not entirely a quote, but not a ton of other quotes stuck out, so I felt this was the best option.

The WTF Moment

Can’t say I’ve ever seen this, and yes, it counted.

Best Acting Job

Jake Bentley has a bright future, whether it’s playing soccer in Europe or acting in a movie in Hollywood.

Good Boy Award

Not all heroes wear capes.

Surrender Cobra (x2)

It’s so much better that this happened to the Vols.

Vape God

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

NSFW Photo

Don’t worry, everything is good here.

Top Gameday Sign

Stats aren’t everything!

SEC East In One Picture

At least Mizzou has Jontay and Michael Porter.

C’mon, Man Award

Cat naps are a must and don’t let anybody else tell you differently.

Welcome to the Electric Factory!

Mike Gundy, his hair, and OK. State are all pretty damn good — and entertaining.