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Jumbo Package: The on-field jumbo package is back, baby!

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Just add Tim Castille and Kenneth Darby!

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Alabama
Saban has been mad as hell at his secondary all week. That’s okay, so have we.
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Start your day off right basking in some LSU misery. If you’ve seen ATVS’ twitter feed the past few days, this is even funnier -- this has been their reaction for almost a week.

H/T Josh and the gang at


Game Prep

THE JUMBO PACKAGE IS BACK, BABY! The namesake of this column returns. How do you feel about Da’Ron Payne as a fullback, behind a six-lineman three-tackle ace formation, opening holes for Bo Scarbrough? We honestly don’t know if Payne is going to play fullback, but we’ve seen defensive tackles at this spot before. Call your doctor if it lasts longer than four hours.

It’s been a long, slow road to recovery for the injured Josh Jacobs. But, Saban hopes that he’ll be able to see the field more and make a contribution this weekend in Nashville.

Aye Ell’s Vandy preview is up:

Here is a really nice profile on Alabama defensive line coach Karl Dunbar. As you recall, Bo Davis was shunned out of the college ranks last summer following another contact/bump infraction, long speculated to involve Raekwon Davis. Dunbar was a S&C and defensive line coach under Saban at LSU and had several stops in the NFL before leaving the Bills to come to Tuscaloosa. Davis was one of Alabama’s most effective recruiters, but Dunbar is no slouch in that respect. Being from Louisiana, and an LSU grad, KB’s ability to make in-roads in that state has been vital to Alabama’s continued success.

How to beat Alabama? Breaking down film of three Tide losses looking for commonalities.

Here is Travis Reier’s take on Wednesday’s practice.

Vasha Hunt, longtime photographer at, has a really nice little piece up on Alabama’s play in the trenches. Give that a click for sure.

Saban wants more from the return game. No surprise there. We highlighted it as a huge question mark going into the season, and that has been a disappointing unit so far. They’ve not hurt the Tide, but nor are they generating big plays.

Saban, for his part, is both pleased that the weather has been miserable (weirdo) and has been pleased that the week’s preparation has been good: The theme this week was, unsurprisingly, cleaning up the slop from last Saturday and playing to a standard -- the latter is especially important on the road:

“The focus has been, we've got to play to our standard. The challenge of playing to your standard on the road, staying focused, no mental clutter, good communication, and we're playing a really good team.


Dan Mullen is a hot commodity again. Some commentators are openly speculating (again) that it’s time for Dan to get out while the getting is good. Hell, ESPN Is openly talking about the Bulldogs to the playoffs (and you thought I overreacted.) Anyway, I’d agree this time. It’s been an overnight sensation almost a decade in the making for Mullen. There will be plenty of good jobs opening this year and his stock can’t go much higher -- UCLA or Tempe are natural fits, for instance. Get Jimmy Sexton on the phone, my dude.

Due to a return of their allotment, there are a select few Arkansas and Mercer tickets available. Ole Miss is a sell-out; only scattered singles remain. And, good luck trying to get a seat for TSiO or LSU.

Targeting enforcement is way up this year. It seems that with the clarification of the rule to encompass the entire halo we are seeing both more calls and more consistent ones. And that’s probably a good thing.

Two players died Saturday, upping the total to five players that have passed away this year. You so rarely see these kind of exertional or conditioning deaths, or deaths from latent physical maladies, at the major level. That was no different on Saturday. I think it is, like so many things, a matter of resources: better coaching of better mechanics, better screening, better preventive health care lead to better outcomes. I honestly can’t think of another logical alternative explanation.


LSU star Derrius Guice will not be playing vs. Syracuse this week...he may be tuckered out after shopping for a $90,000 luxury SUV for his mom. At least we know what LSU did with the money they saved on having to hire a competent coach.

Regions has to be trolling, right?

Ole Miss has decided to suspend itself from all postseason appearances, presumably including the post-season league title. If not, well, c’’s Ole Miss, the only original Western Division team to not make it to Atlanta.

But, there’s no way this an accident. Regions is headquartered in Birmingham. Someone knew. And we salute them.


You know the drill. Go forth to evil. Roll Tide.