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Roll ‘Bama Roll: The Podcast -- get caught up on happenings across college football.

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We’re trying a new feature, and need your input

new rbr logo

We’re going to experiment with something over the next two weeks. Two contributors with excellent ‘ball knowledge, Brad Kanning and Wesley Gullet wanted an opportunity to fill our podcast void and give you folks some more college football content. Before committing to anything, I thought we’d take a trial run over the next few weeks to see what you think. Intros, spiffy effects, and a guest will be in next week’s edition; this one is straight utility and substance — like Alabama’s road uniforms.

So, give it a listen, leave feedback below, and tell us what you think.

Nevermind what week it is, the RBR Podcast is finally here. Brad Kanning and Wesley Gullett get you caught up on the Crimson Tide, the SEC, and the happenings across the rest of the CFB world.