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Alabama Crimson Tide at Vanderbilt Commodores Open Game Thread

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The Tide opens up SEC play against the upstart Commodores.

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Alabama Crimson Tide 3-0, 0-0 SEC

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Vanderbilt Commodores 3-0, 0-0 SEC

GAME 4 at Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, TN

Saturday, September 23, 2017, 2:30/3:30 CBS - Brad Nessler, Gary Danielson and Allie LaForce.

Linebackers Rashaan Evans (groin), Anfernee Jennings (ankle) and Dylan Moses (undisclosed) are all expected to play. Alabama is a 20 point favorite.

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During Commercials:

Louisiana Tech at South Carolina 2:30/3:30 SECN
Southern Cal at Cal 2:30/3:30 ABC
TCU at Oklahoma State 2:30/3:30 ESPN
Michigan at Purdue 3pm/4pm FOX
Boston College at Clemson 2:30/3:30 ESPN2
Cincinnati at Navy 2:30/3:30 CBSSN

You know how to get the Open Game Threads going, right?



Team Losses Remaining Games of Note Chaos Scenario
Alabama 0 @MSU, @Aub, SECCG Auburn magic football bounce (FLAGGED!)
Georgia 0 @Aub, UK, @GaT, SECCG See above (no FLAG).
Clemson 1 FSU, @SC, ACCCG Anything can happen in rivalry games.
Miami 0 ND, UVa, @Pitt, ACCCG Pittsburgh in late November? Brrrr.
Oklahoma 1 TCU, WVU, B12CG B12CG will be a rematch. Those games can be dangerous.
TCU 1 @Okl, @TxTech, B12CG See above.
Washington 1 @ STAN, UTAH, WSU, P12CG Take your pick.
Notre Dame 1 @Mia, Navy, @Stanf Lose to Miami, no Championship Game.
Wisconsin 0 Iowa, Mich, B1GCG Take your pick.