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Alabama Launches Internal Investigation of Basketball Program, Staffer Resigns

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Let’s hope the corruption uncovered by the FBI in other places hadn’t made its way here.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Kentucky vs Alabama Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As you have undoubtedly heard by now, the last couple of days have been perhaps the most tumultuous in college sports history, as none other than the FBI uncovered an ugly, corrupt underbelly that had turned college basketball fans into skilled graveyard whistlers for years.

Fortunately for Alabama, the worst seemed to have happened elsewhere until Pat Forde put out this little nugget:

We obviously don’t know who Forde’s sources are, but we do have a statement from AD Greg Byrne:

"Our review has not identified any NCAA or SEC rules violations nor the involvement of any other coach or staff member," Byrne said in a news release distributed Wednesday evening. "We have notified both of the governing bodies of the actions we have taken. As always, we will continue to be proactive in our compliance efforts."

The statement also said the internal investigation was launched after news broke Tuesday of the FBI investigation of college basketball recruiting practices.

While the timing of staffer Kobie Baker’s departure is a bit disconcerting, these are reassuring words. Hopefully there is no compliance issue and the university simply decided to preemptively self-evaluate after the news broke. Of course, we will keep you updated as details emerge, if they do.

UPDATE: Forde seems to be insinuating that Baker’s resignation may be related to his previous employment, in the NCAA enforcement office. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Baker worked in NCAA enforcement from October 2014 to September 2015, according to his LinkedIn bio. He then joined the Alabama athletic department that September.

For someone who formerly worked as one of the NCAA rules cops to be caught up in whatever Alabama found, on the heels of the bombshell dropped by the feds Tuesday, hints at the profound credibility problems facing the sport.