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Jumbo Package: Hoopocalypse, Wow!

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C’mon. That’s a damned fine headline, amirite?

Alabama v Oregon
Coach Johnson wants me to delete my account.
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Looks like Dylan Moses is being groomed a la Reuben Foster: Situational play early and now special teams work:

Hoopocalypse Now!

This morning we discussed what liability, if any, the school or Sexton face over Kobie Baker’s shenanigans. It turns out, not much, if any. And, in fact, it may not/probably was not even a crime. But, the way that it is being sensationalized, sleazing the program and by extension Sexton and Coach Johnson, has us hopping mad.

Now, for the true steering/pay-for-play? Yeah, there’s some trouble on the horizon. Tom Stephenson, the fine Vandy chap who did our Q&A last week is also a criminal defense attorney. He breaks down the allegations and ramifications at TSK. Excellent article. Like all Vandy grads, he cares more about basketball than is decent -- probably because his alma mater can cross half-court in that sport (HIGH FIVE!)

Is this scandal what is needed to reboot college sports? I don’t know about that, but basketball was so thoroughly corrupt and rotten that it makes hákarl seem palatable. This was so long overdue. The amounts of cash in the shoe market and prospective NBA players is stunning. My guess is that when (if) a corruption scandal like this befalls college football it will involve a combination of 7-on-7 camps/handlers/boosters/football academies masquerading as high schools/and a great deal of Department of Education fraud.

Whooo buddy. Is the Opelika-Auburn News pissed or what? I don’t know how Jacobs survives this either. By most accounts, Pearl is actually trying to do the right thing this go-around. He didn’t want to hire Person. But, because AD Jay Jacobs insisted, Pearl eventually relented. And now...this.

Tom Fornelli’s Top 50 pens a love letter to the Tide (and Tigers. No, the other ones. No, the good ones.)

Why is Alabama outscoring teams 55-3 in the first quarter? takes a look. I don’t know, but I’m pretty happy to see it after years of slow starts. I rather enjoy this “crushing people early” thing.

The grand social gag that has become “We want Bama.”

Recruiting is nasty at the best of times. As it stands now, it’s only going to get worse. This weekend Alabama is hosting 16 players who have committed to other programs, a great deal from our soon-to-be-nuked-friends in Oxford. Can’t imagine that will lead to any hard feelings.

Dabo Swinney was coy on a return to Alabama, spending three paragraphs saying absolutely nothing. Sounds like he’s keeping an open mind, but that he also has a great thing going on in Clemson.


There are a ton of early season elimination games this week, and lots of upset potential.

Does Ole Miss have enough in the tank to spring an upset?


Theme of the week for the Tide: Passing attack -- both effecting it and disrupting it.


Practice notes also bring us a further refined jumbo package...swoon.

We saw Alabama use an extra offensive lineman against Vanderbilt last week. The o-line was doing some work with an unbalanced line this week, lined up with Hale Hentges at TE on the left side, Irv Smith where the LT would be, then Ross Pierschbacher, Bradley Bozeman, Lester Cotton, Matt Womack, and Jonah Williams in a tight end position on the right side of the lines.’s really hard to hate this kid. Great competitor. Great player. Great human. We need stories like this; not to restore our faith in sports, but to restore them in humanity.


More coming up later, including an interview with everyone’s favorite Barner, Cole Cubelic.

Go forth to Pitino.