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Sunday Morning Hangover: Keep Calm and Trust the Saban Process

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It wasn’t perfect, but it was a big win over a good team

Alabama v Florida State Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If 24 hours ago, I had told you that Alabama would defeat third-ranked Florida State 24-7, how would you feel? Happy? Thrilled? Relieved? Or maybe somewhere within? Then why don’t you feel that way now? Maybe Nick Saban has spoiled us, the Tide fans. Well, it is time to heed the advice that Saban shared with AJ McCarron a few years ago.

Paraphrasing: “Calm Down”.

Despite the big win over a potential playoff team, some Alabama fans are still wringing their hands and complaining about this and that.

The nature of college football is that players turnover really fast. If you are lucky, you’ll get four seasons out of a guy. In some instances, it’s only two. Yet somehow, Saban has been able to keep his team near or at the top of the college football world for a decade. Texas is ringing up losing seasons on a regular basis. Notre Dame just finished a 4-8 campaign. Mizzou went from back-to-back SEC East titles to dumpster fire in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, Alabama went undefeated only to lose to the greatest Clemson team of all time with the greatest Tiger of all time at quarterback on the last play of the game. If that had happened to any other team, they probably would have thrown a parade - and I am not being sarcastic.


Alabama lost seven defenders to the NFL Draft but still continues to dominate the line of scrimmage, yielding only 40 yards on the ground. More numbers for you from Saturday night: 3 sacks, 9 tackles for loss, 6 passes defended, two interceptions, and SEVEN points given up.


It wasn’t perfect but they got the win against a really good FSU defense. 0 interceptions, 0 fumbles, only two sacks from a running QB, 4 TFL, one pass break-up, 0 QB hurries, and perhaps most importantly: one offensive penalty (holding on Lester Cotton that is probably forgivable under the circumstances).


Aside from two missed field goals and a rare JK Scott shank, these units were superb. The Tide had a blocked field goal, blocked punt, plus a forced and recovered fumble. There were no big kickoff or punt returns to flip the field.


Let me repeat: Alabama just defeated the #3 team in the nation on a neutral field.


Chris Fowler: “Do you see Texas A&M as a threat?”

Kirk Herbstreit (scoffing): “No.”

Fresno State
Colorado State
at Vanderbilt
Ole Miss
at Texas A&M
at Miss State
at Auburn

Whatever issues anyone thinks Alabama has, they have eight weeks to figure it out until LSU visits Tuscaloosa. There is no reason to think any of the next seven opponents will give the Tide any problems.

Roll Tide!