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Jumbo Package: Gump Day!

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The gump is even stronger today. Enjoy

NCAA Football: Chick-fil-A Kickoff-Alabama vs Florida State Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Why Alabama isn't in panic mode after losses at OLB

As Evans will attest, Saban and defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt have created more flexibility with their personnel by giving several linebackers multiple roles.

"Once you figure out that concept of the defense, you can train anywhere," Holcombe said. "That's what we have trained ourselves with Coach Pruitt. Coach Pruitt has not been signaling us for one position. He's been rotating us out so we know all the defense and know all the positions...The more you know of every position and understand the concepts, the more you're going to play or the more helpful you're going to be to help the team."

Losing two starters to season ending injuries from the same position is bad. Losing two more for the next few weeks at least is even worse.

However, if there was one position on this roster deep enough to absorb the hit, it was the linebackers. As Holcombe says above, all the linebackers cross train. He, Mack Wilson, and Dylan Moses were all expecting to be reserve inside linebackers behind Shaun Dion Hamilton and Rashaan Evans, but with the sudden onslaught of injuries, don’t be surprised to see them being rotated to the edge to see who can make an impact rushing the passer.

On top of those three, Mekhi Brown, Jamey Mosley, Ben Davis, Chris Allen, and VanDarius Cowan all now have an opportunity to carve out a role for themselves in a season where they all seemed slated to spend it mostly on the bench.

Alabama practice report: Updating injuries, outside LBs

-- There were seven players working with Tosh Lupoi and the outside linebackers. Freshman LaBryan Ray spent his second day with that group after coming to Alabama as a defensive lineman.

-- Outside LB Anfernee Jennings tweeted Tuesday morning about having successful surgery.

-- Rashaan Evans was not practicing after his groin injury.

-- Trevon Diggs was working with the first group at cornerback after sharing time with Levi Wallace against Florida State.

-- Josh Jacobs was in full pads, practicing at the end of the line of running backs. He's been out since the beginning of camp with a hamstring injury.

-- Thunder could be heard outside as things got started in the indoor facility.

He’s probably a little too big for the job, but it looks like freshman LaBryan Ray is being given a tryout at outside linebacker. If anything, it speaks a lot to his athleticism if a 290 pound defensive lineman is being given considerations at linebacker. We may not see Ray this year, but he stands as good a chance as any to be a star in the near future.

Trevon Diggs is still working at first team corner. He gave up a big pass on FSU’s scoring drive in the first half (though it actually could have been called a pick play. But we all know they don’t call those against ACC teams playing Alabama), and then Levi Wallace played the rest of the game at left cornerback, admirably, I might add.

Despite that, it looks like the coaches still have a lot of faith in the converted receiver.

How Nick Saban rated Jalen Hurts' progress as passer

"Hopefully just get him to trust and believe in doing the things that he needs to do to technically execute the plays," Saban said. "Although I thought his overall performance for the first game was very good. I thought some of the issues in the passing game were not quarterback-related totally. We had some protection issues that were mental errors, not necessarily physical errors, that created some negative plays. When I talk about overall execution, that's one of the areas that I would be speaking of."

If you’re like me, you likely overreacted during the game and feared that all the progress we had hoped for this offseason came undone as Hurts took off for one scramble after the other, rather than looking like the next coming of Tom Brady.

For the record, I went back the next day after calming down and rewatched every snap a few times to try and get a feel for what happened.

The biggest issue was not that the O-line was whiffing blocks (though Lester Cotton did have a couple of drive-killers), nor that Jalen was running too early too often. It was that FSU outschemed our protection and got rushers with a free, unmolested path straight at Hurts, who masterfully avoided nearly every one. And in the first half, every time that happened, Coach Daboll had called a deep developing play where all the receivers were still facing downfield when Hurts was forced to tuck and run due to pressure.

However, that kept happening, and by the end of the 3rd quarter, Hurts was feeling phantom pressure. Daboll had adjusted to have some shorter routes available, but Hurts did not, and, to my untrained eyes, ran three times when he could have completed an easy-ish pass.

So, 3/26 drop backs were negative decisions in my mind. And not really any bad throws the whole game. All in all I’d consider that much more success than it felt like. Add in the fact that Henry Ruggs dropped a touchdown that might have been Hurts’ best throw of his career, Ridley couldn’t quite get his feet down on the sideline fade that was perfectly thrown, and the scramble drill throw to Jeudy on the right sideline got wiped out due to a questionable penalty, and all of a sudden his stat line looks a WHOLE lot better.

Levi Wallace fulfilling late father's dream for Alabama football

Had Levi Wallace elected not to play football at the collegiate level, the Tucson, Ariz., native would have still ended up at the University of Alabama.

Wallace said he was almost ready to “let football go,” but his late father Walter Wallace, who was born in and lived in Tuscaloosa until joining the Air Force, was a lifelong Crimson Tide fan and convinced him to walk on at Alabama to “see how good you are.”

This is a great, quick read on Wallace with some quotes from other players and coaches about him.

Saban mentions that Trevon Diggs came in a little anxious and made some mistakes early due to nervousness, so the coaches decided to go with Wallace, a veteran presence with more time and confidence in the system. Wallace rewarded their faith with a stellar performance and and interception.

Though they coaches aren’t ready to give up on Diggs yet, the battle is still on between the two for the starting role.

Former LSU commit Nadab Joseph impressed by Alabama’s opener

Ever since Joseph de-committed from LSU a month ago, Alabama has been viewed as the favorite to land his next commitment. The Crimson Tide’s performance inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium impressed the elite recruit.

“From the beginning to the end, man, that game was lit,” Joseph said. “Alabama is definitely in a good position with me.”

Joseph, who’s one of Alabama’s top cornerback targets in the 2018 class, took a surprise visit to Tuscaloosa in July. It was his second trip to Alabama in as many months.

After decommitting from LSU, Joseph has been considered an Alabama lean by most everyone in the recruiting world. He has ties with Ronnie Harrison too, which could very likely drive him towards crimson and white.

Whatever the reasons, Alabama could definitely use a 6’2” defensive back to join the fold next season as they potentially lose 4 starters from this year’s secondary.