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Jumbo Package: Nick Saban talks transfer proposals, position battles, injury updates and more.

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Jam packed issue today: save plenty of time in the family reading room.

NCAA Football: Chick-fil-A Kickoff-Alabama vs Florida State Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports


Nick Saban will always tell you he “ain’t worth a shit” as a coach. That’s foolish, of course. Now he’s taken the ‘aw shucks’ bit further, saying he’s probably not even worth his salary ($11M).

That’s demonstrably false, of course.

Let’s ignore the unprecedented success for a minute and break this down in terms Americans love: Cold, hard cash. Just in terms of tuition, football brings in an extra $50 million per year from out of state students flooding the campus. Alabama is an “it” thing and a happening place, and the abiding majority have cited football as a huge factor in their decision. That out of state money in turn funds better research, facilities, faculty, labs, educational enrichment, scholarships -- all of which have made it an even more competitive and enticing out of state draw, and raised the academic stature accordingly. Thus, a self-perpetuating cycle of success continues, much as in recruiting.

University revenue is up over 112%, and Athletic Department revenue attributable to just football’s success, has doubled -- to $143.4 million. And, the boom in local businesses, housing, construction, and urban renewal are all tied into “Sabanomics.” Football brings the kids; the kids (especially the ones out of state and flush with cash) bring the assets; those assets fuel a spending orgy leading to an explosion of small business growth and job creation.

I’d say you’re worth a shit, Coach.

Sideline Warnings and more

Were you confused by the sideline warnings and then the delay of game penalty Saturday night? On Wednesday’s Coaches’ Conference, Saban addressed the issue: It wasn’t one of discipline, it was tied into the hurry-up.

“Well, that our players were actually, when the play would be over, our players would actually get moved toward the field too quickly because we substitute a lot on offense and defense. That’s something that had to work on because when you’re going fast, as soon the next play comes we call out and guys want to get out there on the field. Well, sometimes they were getting out there a little bit too fast, so we just had to get it cleaned up.”

Saban speaks on that, updates injuries (Anfernee Jennings and Rashaan Evans are both “questionable” -- so, that means probably out in Saban speak,) depth chart battles, the takeaways from the FSU game, and more at the link above.

Per the coaching staff, some of the passing game’s issues are partially attributable to ball distribution. Saban and Daboll want to work the ball around much more evenly to the talented receiving corps. That will further development of that aspect of the offense and spur the growth of Jalen Hurts.

A look at how Alabama prepares on special teams...presumably teaching fundamental kicking mechanics is not on this list.

Saban also addressed the NCAA TWG proposal for immediate eligibility. And, as we noted yesterday (and previously), coupled with more permissive contact rules, the NCAA is attempting to create a de facto free agency period...and, yes, he used those very words.

“I think there has to be some kind of balance in terms of players still being able to have opportunities to do other things, but there also has to be a balance in the obligation that both parties have to each other.

“How can you sort of plan a roster or your recruiting or your team if everybody is a free agent at the end of every season? And every player that doesn't have things going the way he wants them to go, all of a sudden says 'I'll just go over here and play over here.’

There is a whole lot of his thinking about this issue here. The long and short is that he seems to prefer a status quo over either proposal, perhaps with some tweaks for more equitable outcomes for all parties. While Saban did not namedrop a certain former Georgia nickel back, he absolutely used him as an example for changes needed in grad transfer policies.

SEC Shorts has a painfunny video of fans during FG attempts. Needs more whiskey IMO.

The crew at have their breakdown of the Tide and Bulldogs:

‘Necks bein’ ‘necks.

Seriously, did you think you could put Alabama and FSU fans into the same building, add alcohol and high stakes, and not have some intergenerational redneck tag-team action?


Urban Meyer will absolutely throw a player under a bus. So, it’s not a shock to see that he did the same to a former assistant, smacking around former OC/Texas disaster-in-waiting Tom Herman.

Speaking of disaster, Texas makes the Bottom 10 this week...ditto A&M. How could they not?

Brian Kelly is trying to kill someone again. This time? Oh, he just didn’t disclose poor results of a neck MRI, played the kid anyway, and almost paralyzed a player.


Finally, a contender is built on the defensive line, moreso than any position. That is why the SEC and the more physical programs from the ACC/B1G have prospered in the playoffs, and why the P12 and B12 have not. Alabama makes the cut this year...again.

That’s it for today. Hope it was worth the wait. Sorry it took so long. We’re down an editor and two contributors for the next few weeks, so we’re all slammed and running behind. #Refund.

Go forth to your appalling commentary.