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‘BAMA BASKETBALL: VERY limited number of Alabama-Auburn tickets remain for tonight

Thank goodness for snow days, eh?

Texas v Alabama

Get ‘em, Collin

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The threat of bad weather is inuring to your benefit. The snow, ice, bitter cold, and threat of snow and ice and bitter cold, has resulted in a very limited number of tickets remaining for the normally-sold out Alabama-Auburn basketball game tonight at Coleman Coliseum.

Auburn is riding a 14-game winning streak despite missing two of its best players for cheating to an ongoing FBI investigation. The ‘Barn has ridden a taffy-soft schedule and good team ‘ball to a No. 22 AP ranking. Alabama, meanwhile, sits at 4th in the SEC with its hard-fought 11-6 record. And, they’ve been largely rewarded: The Tide holds a healthy No. 38 ranking in the RPI and has scrambled through the 16th-toughest schedule in the nation to-date.

Alabama can get back into the heart of the SEC race with a win tonight. We’ll have a ‘Bama Basketball breakdown in a bit. For now, if you need tickets, contact 205-348-BAMA or These will almost certainly be sold out soon. But, if you want to go and support this team, and they deserve and need all they can get tonight, hit ‘em up.

Buckle up and Roll Tide...I have a good feeling about tonight, y’all.