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Jumbo Package: Still celebrating!

A Sugar Bowl win over Clemson with a whole bunch of awesome defense? I’ll take it!

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - CFP Semifinal - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Alabama's Tony Brown pops off on Clemson's Dabo Swinney after Sugar Bowl

"I love Dabo for all the ammunition he gave this team, man," Brown said in a late interview with "He gave this team a lot of ammunition to come play this game and ready to dominate every play. They told us we weren't ready. They told us we weren't worthy of a top-four team.

"I mean, look, that's what happens when you talk trash to us. That's what happens. We're going to show you."

Clarifying the "ammunition" Swinney provided, Brown added that the Clemson coach said "to (Alabama coach Nick) Saban's face" that he "didn't vote for us."

The specific exchange Brown referenced came at a December news conference when Swinney and Saban sat side-by-side, and Swinney was asked about his poll ballot. He said then (with Saban at the podium alongside him): "Looking at it, you know, (Ohio State) won 11 games, Alabama won 11 games, they won the Big Ten championship."

I think Tony Brown was a little on the ticked off side at the whole Clemson program. And by my count, he made 3 good plays with no dumb moments on field, so that’s a good ratio for the senior. Maybe he’ll play angry against Georgia too. Never change, Crazy Tony. Never change.

Tickets for Georgia vs. Alabama in National Championship Game now more affordable

The climb actually continued as the cheapest tickets on Ticket City were $1,875.

However, the most affordable price to get in the door to see the Bulldogs play the Crimson Tide is now at $1,862. You can also buy exclusive National Championship Game ticket packages here.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing how the ticket prices may fluctuate in the coming days.Alabama's Tony Brown pops off on Clemson's Dabo Swinney after Sugar Bowl

If you want a ticket to the championship, its gonna cost ya. However, the game is in Atlanta, so the cost of travelling for most of us will be minimized. If you can shell out the cash to make it, go. We definitely need as many Alabama fans there as can be managed, as the game will be right in the Bulldogs’ backyard.

College Football Playoff: Fueled by perceived slights, Alabama dismantles Clemson

“We lost one game in a dogfight in a tough place to play,” said sophomore linebacker Terrell Lewis, “and it just went to, ‘Oh, ’Bama’s dynasty is over.’”

“I don’t feel like they gave us the respect,” said senior defensive back Tony Brown.

Oh, brother. This is the Microsoft as a feisty tech start-up, Walmart as a corner drugstore, Exxon Mobil as the local fill-up station, with window-washing service thrown in at no charge. A lot will be made of Saban’s ability to dissect an opponent and prepare a team with more than a month off, because that’s what he had since the Tide lost to Auburn on Nov. 25. But what of the voodoo he did on his own players’ minds, creating a scenario in which Alabama — winner of four of the previous eight national championships, the only team to make all four versions of the College Football Playoff — believed the world doubted Alabama.

“Everybody been doubting us, like we ain’t ’Bama,” Lewis said. “We ’Bama.”

Microsoft as a start-up tech company. Ha. I love it. Whatever it was Saban did over the last month (and maybe it was nothing different... could have just solely been that the linebackers were finally as healthy as we’ve seen them all year), it worked. That was a different defense that took the field than what we’ve seen since game 1 this season.

5-star 2019 running back decommits from Alabama

Hours before the start of the Sugar Bowl, Alabama lost a commitment from the top-ranked member of its 2019 recruiting class.

Five-star running back Trey Sanders decommitted from the Crimson Tide Monday afternoon.

"Alabama will still be a top school of mine," Sanders said in a tweet, "but I feel that this is only right."

It wasn’t all good news yesterday. 2019’s #1 runningback and #10 overall recruit has been committed to Alabama since early 2016, but decided to decommit. He did mention that Alabama is still his top school, but decommitments rarely turn into recommitments.

Here’s the press conference with Saban, Payne, and Hurts after the game. No real quotes of note, but it’s a good way to spend 11 minutes today, whether you had to go back to work or not.

They asked coach what he said to Daboll when he was so angry, and he responded with “You couldn’t tell?”

That’s it for today. Revel in the victory. We’ll transition into Georgia mode later in the week.

Roll Tide!