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Taking Stock: Best moments from the CFB playoff

Since the Taking Stock series was so popular during the regular season, I decided to bring it back for the playoffs. Here are the best moments.

Yes there is constant bantering and complaining about the playoffs, seedings and how the playoff only favors certain teams. Lets forget all that and just enjoy what we have — the ability to watch the best sport on the planet. Here are the best laughs from each game.

Oklahoma - Georgia

Hold me back!

Mark Richt could have used one of these.

Let the world know

It just means more.

Granddaddy of them all

What a shot.

Bring back NCAA

One of the best games we ever got a chance to play. RIP.


Watch this, please

Titanic music makes everything better.

Rodrigo Blankenship

He is going to be a very popular man back in Athens.

Crotch grab

You knew it was coming if Baker and Oklahoma lost.

Alabama - Clemson

Wiki update

Please tell me why Wikipedia isn’t a credited MLA source...

Crazy Tony

An interview for the ages.


Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

Disgusted Clemson fan

When they say OSU deserved it more than Bama.

Da’Ron Payne calling his shot

I had to read it over about 10 times but I think Payne called his TD in 2012.

Focus up!

Mack Wilson, notorious witty caption creator.

Dropline text

And ESPN wonders why they’re doing so poorly.


Hang it in a museum.

Misc. Funny Tweets

Alabama is the Galatic Empire of CFB

Vintage Luke Quote

2 SEC teams in the championship

Classic Danny Kanell

Sorry for all the Star Wars

When OSU fans complain about the playoffs