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You don’t win second place; you lose first place

Scott Cochran has no love of participation trophies.


Look, College Football Playoff committee. Don’t get us wrong. We’re grateful that you continue to find the Tide up to snuff. We appreciate every opportunity you give Alabama to win it on the field.

But, when Alabama doesn’t live up to the almost-impossible standard that it has set for itself, then they really don’t want your second place trophy either. Alabama isn’t here for the ride.

Or, at least that’s the message Scott Cochran sent on Monday night following Alabama’s demolition of Clemson in a game that can best be described as an angry, surgical vengeance the likes of which we’ve not seen in years.

In a locker room video filmed by Tide freshman WR Jerry Jeudy, and obtained by Yahoo! sports, Alabama strength and conditioning deity Scott Cochran sent the message loud and clear that Alabama isn’t showing up for runner-up finishes.

Video here.