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CFP National Championship prop bets and miscellaneous odds

Every action you could possibly think of is here.

<p zoompage-fontsize="15" style="">Las Vegas

Got some room on that credit card? You may want to take Damien Harris over 80 yards.

After early money from the public, then a swing back to the ‘Dawgs dropping the line to -3, the sharps moved in on the Tide, bumping the line up a full two points in about 48 hours, per Bovada. That opening total of 47 had also dropped to 45.5 the first few days. Money is moving that even lower, with a close total looking to be near 44-44.5.

Here are the final prop bets, odds, and miscellaneous action on Monday’s championship game from There are some fun ones in here, to be honest.

Game Lines

Alabama vs. Georgia

Alabama -5

Georgia +5

Over/Under 45

Alabama vs. Georgia (First Half Only)

Alabama -3

Georgia +3

Over/Under 21½

Total Points O/U - Georgia

Over/Under 20½

Total Points O/U – Georgia (First Half Only)

Over/Under 9½

Total Points O/U - Alabama

Over/Under 24

Total Points O/U – Alabama (First Half Only)

Over/Under 12½

Donald Trump Attending CFP Championship Props

Who will Donald Trump pick to win the NCAA Championship?

Alabama -150 (2/3)

Georgia +110 (11/10)

How many times will Donald Trump be mentioned on TV during the NCAA Championship game?

Over/Under 2.5

**From kickoff until final whistle, live mentions only, halftime does not count towards wager. Must say “Trump”. Must attend for action.

How many times will Donald Trump be shown on TV during the NCAA Championship game?

Over 1.5 -150 (2/3)

Under 1.5 +110 (11/10)

**From kickoff until final whistle, live shots only, halftime does not count towards wager. Must attend for action.

How many times will Donald Trump tweet during the NCAA Championship game?

Over 1.5 -140 (5/7)

Under 1.5 EVEN (1/1)

Game Props

Margin of Victory

Alabama by 1-6 points 16/5

Alabama by 7-12 points 17/4

Alabama by 13-18 points 13/2

Alabama by 19-24 points 10/1

Alabama by 25-30 points 18/1

Alabama by 31-36 points 25/1

Alabama by 37-42 points 45/1

Alabama by 43+ points 55/1

Georgia by 1-6 points 4/1

Georgia by 7-12 points 13/2

Georgia by 13-18 points 12/1

Georgia by 19-24 points 22/1

Georgia by 25-30 points 40/1

Georgia by 31-36 points 55/1

Georgia by 37-42 points 100/1

Georgia by 43+ points 110/1

Odd/Even Total Points

Even EVEN (1/1)

Odd -130 (10/13)

Will a special teams or defensive TD be scored?

Yes +175 (7/4)

No -260 (5/13) -

**Note: A fake FG or fake Punt which results in a TD by the team that snapped the ball is considered an offensive TD.

Team to score first in the game

Alabama -140 (5/7)

Georgia EVEN (1/1)

The first score of the game - Exact outcome

Alabama Touchdown 5/4

Alabama Field Goal 11/4

Alabama Safety 50/1

Georgia Touchdown 8/5

Georgia Field Goal 3/1

Georgia Safety 50/1

Will either team score 3 unanswered times in the game?

Yes -160 (5/8)

No +120 (6/5)

Will the game go to Overtime?

Yes +650 (13/2)

No -1400 (1/14)

Longest Touchdown Yardage in the Game

Over/Under 42½

The first turnover of the game will be

Fumble 13/10

Interception 10/17

No Turnovers in the game 7/1

Player Stat Props

Quarterback Props

Total Passing Yards - Jalen Hurts (Alabama)

Over/Under 169½

Total Completions - Jalen Hurts (Alabama)

Over/Under 12½

Total Passing Yards - Jake Fromm (Georgia)

Over/Under 189½

Total Completions - Jake Fromm (Georgia)

Over/Under 14½

Receiving Props

Total Receiving Yards - Calvin Ridley (Alabama)

Over/Under 69½

Total Receptions - Calvin Ridley (Alabama)

Over/Under 4½

Total Receptions - Jerry Jeudy (Alabama)

Over/Under 1½

Total Receptions - Bo Scarbrough (Alabama)

Over/Under 1½

Total Receiving Yards - Javon Wims (Georgia)

Over/Under 60½

Total Receptions - Javon Wims (Georgia)

Over/Under 3½

Total Receptions - Terry Godwin (Georgia)

Over/Under 3

Total Receptions - Sony Michel (Georgia)

Over/Under 1½

Rushing Props

Total Rushing Yards - Jalen Hurts (Alabama)

Over/Under 59½

Total Rushing Yards - Damien Harris (Alabama)

Over/Under 70½

Total Rushing and Receiving Yards - Bo Scarbrough (Alabama)

Over/Under 59½

Total Rushing Yards - Sony Michel (Georgia)

Over/Under 77½

Total Rushing Yards - Nick Chubb (Georgia)

Over/Under 85½