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Jumbo Package: Gump Day!

Tua Tagovailoa finally speaks to the media

NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve likely already seen them, but here are two videos with press conferences from Tua Tagovailoa. This is the first time he’s been available to the media since the spring, so the reporters have really been chomping at the bits for this one.

And here’s a follow up he does with the newspaper/print media:

The sophomore QB got a few lines in that made everybody laugh, with comments about doing backflips while throwing to practice escapability in the pocket, as well as saying that Saban has to be messing with everyone if he said that Tua had surpassed his expectations.

The best single quote from it all though is this single line: ‘When you find success, it just becomes very fun.”

Say it again for the Anti-Saban crowd in the back. Success is fun. Therefore, Alabama football is fun. Just because it’s no fun for the fans of teams that are getting crushed doesn’t mean it’s no fun for the Alabama players. So let’s put that recruiting tactic to bed permanently.

Obviously, they also asked him questions about Jalen Hurts in nearly every angle imaginable. It’s really got to be getting old for these guys.

Alabama football: Putting the Crimson Tide’s record-setting pace in perspective

The Tide have scored 271 points. They are on pace to score 650 points just during the regular season. Already, they are only 312 points from surpassing the school record of 582 points in 2016.

Florida set the SEC record with 611 points in 2008. The 1996 Gators set the SEC scoring average record (46.6).

The Tide are on pace to shatter both by the time the postseason rolls around.

This Alabama offense isn’t for those of your faint-hearted. If they can somehow keep up this pace through the usual murderer’s row of games to end the regular season, it’ll blow all the records out of the water. And this all despite that Saban is very nearly intentionally trying not to score for most of the second half of every game so far this season.

Alabama Football Practice Notes: 10/2/2018

Left tackle Jonah Williams (ankle) was limited again today. He still had the brace on his right ankle. Nick Saban said yesterday he’s expected to be full-go by Wednesday and should play on Saturday, so don’t freak out.

In his place on the first team offensive line, Alabama had Matt Womack. The rest of the five were in the same places. Womack isn’t a conventional left tackle but might be OK in a pinch, especially because Tua Tagovailoa is left handed (so the right tackle covers his blind side).

Trevon Diggs had a nice interception that he tipped to himself early during position drills. Had to tip it up three or four times before he could grab it.

Shyheim Carter continues to wear a heavy wrap on one hand, though it doesn’t seem to be anything serious and hasn’t kept him from working with the first team defense or playing the last couple of weeks.

Alabama practice report: New look at left tackle with starter injured

-- It looks like Matt Womack could be the answer at left tackle if Jonah Williams is not available for Saturday’s game with Arkansas. Last season’s starter at right tackle was taking first-team reps on the left side with Williams recovering from a sprained ankle.

-- Williams was dressed in a white full-contact jersey but wasn’t spotted in drills for a second straight day.

-- Scott Lashley was the left tackle in the second group behind Womack.

-- Everyone else appeared to be healthy and in the same positions.

-- The second-team cornerbacks continue to be Josh Jobe and Nigel Knott/Saivion Smith.

-- Cornerback Trevon Diggs had a nice juggling, tipped-around interception in warm-up, one-on-one drills.

-- ESPN had a camera crew out there shooting practice after coming to town for Tua Tagovailoa’s interview earlier Tuesday.

Here’s a couple of different practice “reports” from yesterday. Not much to see here, as Saban rarely lets much of anything out once the season gets close, other than maybe letting the press see if a guy is back in drills after an injury.

I also think it’s getting closer and closer to looking like Pat Surtain is going to be your starting cornerback over Saivion Smith going forward.

Recruiting Analyst John Garcia Jr. on Alabama Through Five Games and Update on Recruiting

Recruiting analyst John Garcia Jr. of 247Sports joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to analyze Alabama’s team in the first five games of the season and Joseph Bulovas’ confidence and Alabama’s kicking game woes.

He also gave us an update on offensive center Clay Webb out of Oxford, AL, Alabama recruiting more defensive lineman and wide receivers, and how Alabama’s recruiting improved throughout the country with new assistants Jeff Banks, Josh Gattis, and Craig Kuligowski.

If you’re interested, here’s about 17 minutes of Alabama football recruiting talk. There’s no real news out there right now (there rarely is at this point in a high school season. Most kids are focused on their final season, not so much on college recruiting antics.)

Shaun Alexander chosen as Alabama’s 2018 SEC Football Legend

The Southeastern Conference on Tuesday announced its 2018 AT&T SEC Football Legends class, an assemblage of former football standouts who will be honored at events surrounding the SEC Football Championship Game in Atlanta in December.

Former Alabama All-American Shaun Alexander was named to the Southeastern Conference’s 2018 Football Legends Class on Tuesday, the league office announced.

Back when I was first coming into my own as a football fan, I had to pick an NFL team at some point. Born and raised in central Alabama, I knew nothing other than Alabama football. Atlanta and New Orleans are generally the two major NFL teams picked from my area, but neither were close enough for me to feel any allegiance. So, I wound up a fan of the only Alabama player’s name I recognized in the pros, Shaun Alexander, and thus became a Seattle Seahawks fan.

He was my first favorite player, and will always hold that place. So I always love linking to anything having to do with him winning more awards and recognition.

That’s it for today. Roll Tide!