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‘Bama charity billboard goes live in Baton Rouge

You shouldn’t have to shame people in the New Orleans region to give money to hurricane relief, but here we are.

While some gomers in Nutria, Weeziana are dropping cash on #FreeDevinWhite billboards and flyovers, an enterprising group of Alabama fans raised money for their own billboard.

It is, in my humble opinion, both a prettier color and for a far worthier cause — soliciting Red Cross donations in the wake of Superstorm Michael relief efforts. This storm of the century didn’t hit a sexy place place like New Orleans or Miami or Houston or New York — all it did was devastate the sleepy Gulf Coast and then work its way up, flooding some poor southeastern areas that were already reeling from tropical storm and flooding damage.

Our man Brad Kanning was on the scene:

Is it Gumpy? Absolutely. But, we’ll allow it. The Red Cross is a far better use of ten or twenty bucks than furthering an insane conspiracy theory and then declaring victory over an enemy you created in your mind. So, what are you waiting for?