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Ed Orgeron: “ We’re going to go to win the game, I can tell you that.”

Alabama by 40. #DisrespectingTheTide

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When you have been at the top of the CFB heap for the better part of a decade as has Nick Saban, you look for subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways to motivate your squad.

A big favorite in his toolbox has been to play the disrespect card. While he may get respect, this particular class of players isn’t being given their due, goes the mantra. It should make them angry. They should go and impose their will in a manner most foul upon the opposition.

And guess what? Ask Ole Miss or Dabo Swinney how #DisrespectingTheTide works out for you.

We joke about Ed Orgeron’s mental acuity around here, but by and large he’s done a good job with the team and staff he has. He has largely avoided the catastrophic unforced errors that plagued his predecessor.

Until yesterday, that is, when he said the following:

We’re going to go to win the game, I can tell you that.

Let that sink in.

When was the last time you heard Nick Saban guarantee a victory? I’ll save you the mental gymnastics — you’ve never heard him guarantee a win. The man is as aggressive a public poor-mouther as legendary Lou Holtz. Maybe, just maybe, it is keeping his team grounded with public displays of respect for the opponent that allows guys like Lou and Saban to haul in titles? Just a thought.

This will be plastered on every available surface from now until Saturday night. It’s one thing to talk the talk, and as much as he may want it to be the case, Orgeron’s body is not the one that will go out on to the field and answer for his words.

His Tigers will. And they’ll almost certainly take a brutal loss now. Don’t disrespect the Tide.

Thanks, Ed!