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Happy Birthday, Coach Saban: Dare you risk the Birmingham Bowl Oiuja?!

Can’t wait to watch Auburn make the sad trip back up 280, can you?

AllState Sugar Bowl - Clemson v Alabama

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

For most of the Southeast, it looks like a soggy Halloween today and then a gross All Saints tomorrow. While that’s a bummer, please take a few minutes out of your trick or treating and bar hopping and office parties to give an early thanksgiving shoutout to our man, Nick Saban. (I’m dressing as Sexy Quinnen Williams)

In a twist of irony that will never get old, today is his birthday. How old is Nicholas Lou? Does it matter? He’s in better shape than most dudes 25 years his junior, and seems to be having ....(gasp)...having fun dominating an entirely new style and era of football: the challenge has invigorated him and he’s going nowhere. Praise Football Loki.

But, in the spirit (get it!) of today, we must discuss a terrifying spectre that is on the horizon: The Birmingham Bowl.

This may be SEC Shorts’ finest and funniest one to date. Dare you tempt the eldritch horrors lurking within the Birmingham Bowl Ouija board?