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Alabama Football Film Room: Quinnen Williams is a beast

In case you haven’t noticed, #92 is really, really good.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week award for Quinnen Williams. Over the past two games, Williams has racked up 16 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, and 3.5 sacks. That’s not too bad for an interior defensive lineman.

1st and 10: Williams (#92) is heads-up over the center, Elgton Jenkins, who’s considered one of the top center prospects for the 2019 draft. Williams is double teamed by Jenkins and the right guard, which leaves Alabama’s other three rushes one-on-one. The running back stays in to block; but, before he can react, Johnny Dwight (#95), who was the left defensive end, has already beaten the right tackle and has a clear path to the quarterback. Fitzgerald spins away, but Isaiah Buggs (#49) comes in and cleans it up. Williams ends up five yards down field, but the respect the offense has for him freed up his teammates to make a play.

2nd and 11: It’s the next play, and Williams is again lined up over the center. This time he’s one-on-one against Jenkins. Williams goes right and swipes away the center’s arms; and, just like that, Williams is by him. Jenkins doesn’t give up; but Williams is bearing down on Fitzgerald, who attempts to step up. Williams gets ahold of the quarterback’s jersey, however, and wraps him up for the sack. The opposing team double teams him, and someone else makes a play. The leave a single man on him, and he makes the play.

1st and 10: Williams is lined up in the A gap (between the center and guard) on the right. He fires low and into the left guard’s chest, and he flings him to the side. Williams stumbles a bit in the process, but he recovers. Fitzgerald had started inside on the designed QB run, but Raekwon Davis is two yards in the backfield and in his way. Fitzgerald cuts it outside, but a diving Williams makes the stop for just a small gain.

1st and 10: Williams is the 3 tech (lined up on the outside shoulder of the guard). He again gets low and gets his hands inside the guard’s. Williams shoves the offensive lineman a yard into the backfield, and he’s able to come off the block and tackle the running back.

2nd and 6: Williams is over the left shoulder of the center. Williams beats the center with a swim move right off the bat, and he’s in the backfield. It looks like Fitzgerald is reading Christian Miller (#47) who got chipped by the tight end before flaring out into the flat; and Fitzgerald lets the running back keep it. Unfortunately for the back, Williams is almost on top of him by the time he fully has the ball; and the play is over before it starts.