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Nick Saban’s Wednesday Iron Bowl press conference

Turf, Senior Day, the Iron Bowl, and more.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Alabama

Give him six! Wait, he already has six. GIVE HIM SEVEN — titles, that is.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

No JP today, which would have been largely culled from Nick Saban’s presser in the first place. So, let’s cut straight to the chase and listen to the Head Man preview the game, talk Thanksgiving food, the BDS playing surface, Sr. Day, and more.


As always, if you can’t stream video or would rather read his remarks, here’s a preview:

On condition of torn-up turf at Bryant-Denny Stadium...

”Yeah, I think our people are doing everything they can. We had quite a bit of rain. We may get some rain before this game. So we have a plan for what we’re going to try to do to get the field in the best condition that we can. I have a lot of confidence in the people that we have doing it. I’m sure they’ll do everything they can. But I also think that players have to learn how to play on those conditions. I played on a lot worse fields than that. You have to play it off the right foot and there’s a way you have to be able to play on surfaces like that. One thing last week, we were never able to go outside because it was raining all the time. At least this week, we’ve got an opportunity to go out and play on fields where you have to learn how to work off the surface.”

And the full text of his remarks are here on 247.