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Black Friday ‘Bama Merchandise Deal!

15% off everything, and some doorbusters for ya’!

Happy Black Friday!

We’ve got some deals for y’all in advance of the holiday season. And, the best part, is that you don’t even need to leave your house or put on pants. Treat yo’self or the beloved Bammer in your life:

What do we got?

• Every shirt on the site is available for 15% off. Use code BFSAVE15 at checkout.

• Throw The Damn Ball is now $15 (and $12.25 with code).

Here’s your link:

And, if you missed the spiffy Election shirt, buddy, there are still a few of those left. So, hit the affiliate link (probably order a size larger — they run small), and then help your favorite underpaid, overworked #content #creators buy Christmas presents — or at least a cheap bottle of hooch.

Roll Tide, and be safe out there!