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Alabama vs Auburn: Second half open thread

Score at half: 17-14 good guys

NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I told all of you I hate this game. It's all a bunch of cut blocking, questionable hitting, bad special teams, and Alabama being unable to figure out how to cover trick plays. Same thing every year.

About the only thing working for the Alabama offense is Tua scrambling. The Tigers are shutting down the Alabama run game, and the defensive backs are hanging on to the Tide receivers like LL Bean backpacks with the chest buckles. It's only been called the one time Jaylen Waddle actually got tackled before the ball even got there and the refs HAD to call it.

Defensively, the Tide pass rush and coverage are preventing any semblance of a passing game, but a combination of misdirection running and trick plays has kept the Auburn offense moving. Oh, and a blocked punt is the difference between Alabama have a 2 score lead instead of the current 3 point lead.

This feels a lot like the 2009 game, where the Tigers felt obviously outmatched but kept the game close with trickery and special teams. Hopefully it ends with a Tide win like 2009, though preferably with less stress for us all.


Roll Tide