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Victory/Late Night Open Thread

Fun Fact: LSU hasn’t scored a home TD vs. Alabama in 167 minutes and seven seconds of football.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

LSU brought a top ten defense to the party and did a pretty good job at not breaking, but this Tide offense was just too good. They had 301 yards at the half, then put up another 170 in the third quarter after White entered the game. It will be Alabama vs. Georgia on December 1, and the Tide will mostly be battling boredom until then.

Of course, all the Tide needed was a field goal because LSU still has no offensive line or quarterback.

We are anxiously awaiting word on Najee Harris. Hopefully he didn’t reinjure that problematic foot. It sounds like Henry Ruggs had a chance to reenter if needed, so hopefully he will be OK.

There are a few on tap for you tonight.

Roll Tide.