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ICYMI: Get caught up on all the Alabama-Georgia coverage you can handle

Will these teams play another photo-finish classic?

<p zoompage-fontsize="15" style="">NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Game-Alabama vs Georgia

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As we do around here every so often, let’s recap what you may have missed over the week. It’s an important one, if you’ve heard. And, for new visitors, thanks for dropping by. Please let this serve as an intro to our weekly coverage — we’ve probably even cleaned up most of the typos for you! Some is our work, some is from our frenemies at Dawg Sports.

There’s a lotta’ time until kickoff, so grab a cuppa’ or a cold one and settle in:

Previewing the Game:

A deep dive with the Dawgs’ D (phrasing!)
Georgia also goes six-deep at pass catcher, has an efficient QB, and runs the ball with a talented four-deep roster. Here’s what the Dawgs offense does.
Georgia fans have a lot of questions about the Tide. We preview Alabama from this side of the fence.
Likewise, it may seem like a lot has changed for Georgia over the last 11 months. But has it really? A penetrating look at the matchup from their perspective.
Georgia can beat Alabama if...
Where does Alabama have the advantage? What should Georgia worry about?
Final predictions from Athens through red-tinted glasses and silver britches.

Individual Breakdowns:

How Tua Tagovailoa has already carved his name in the Alabama record book.
Shyheim Carter had an outstanding game against Auburn. He’ll need to repeat that in spades on Saturday.
Taking a deeper look at the Tide’s explosive passing game, and Tua’s Iron Bowl — in both quantitative form and good ole’ fashioned film review.

Degenerate Gambling:

From the opening spread...
To this week’s action and picks against the points.

On the Lighter Side:

Let’s laugh at the misery of others, especially on rivalry week.
And, pals, was there ever some chaos last weekend.
Pour a nice cocktail and get settled in. Dawgs got ya’ covered here with their improv on a classic — the Sol Tide.
Danny Kannell, the hot take machine. These didn’t age well
Did you know that we make tailgate grinds every week?
Our predictions, and yours, for the big game tomorrow (I’m going on record again as 38-16 here, Crimson team.)
So much angst. Don’t lose to Purdue by 29, or win a rivalry game at home. Yeesh.
Confess your sins and hope for the best. This is the most complete team Alabama will have faced all season. And, unless the Tide draws Notre Dame or Clemson, it will be the most complete one they see period.

Roll Tide