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Vegas: Bills would be -28.5 vs Alabama on a neutral field

This says as much about the Bills as Alabama, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

As Alabama has dominated college football again while the Buffalo Bills have trotted out a historically awful offense, the question of whether the Tide could compete with the dregs of the NFL has been bantered about. Bill Connelly recently wrote a comparison of the two offenses, and Alabama certainly has a few advantages. For example, there is little question that Tua Tagovailoa is better right now than any quarterback on the Buffalo roster. Frankly, he might be better than any playing in the state of New York, but that’s another story for another day.

Well, one Vegas book has weighed in on a hypothetical matchup.

This is truly remarkable. To put it in perspective, the Tide were favored by 29 on the road at Tennessee, which means that Vegas sees the gulf between those two programs to be greater than that between Alabama and Buffalo. Of course, the Tide covered that spread easily.

There is obviously a huge difference in 21- and 26-year-old males from a physical perspective, particularly since those who have been in the NFL for a few seasons have a jump start on steroid cycles professional training. This doesn’t mean that all college players are too weak to play. Jonah Williams, Quinnen Williams, and Damien Harris come to mind as guys who could likely start for a few teams right now. In reality, however, most college players would be overmatched by seasoned vets.

The better question is this: Three years from now, will there be more current Alabama players in the NFL or current Buffalo players? The washout rate in the league is depressingly high to begin with and Buffalo has a ton of fringe players. It wouldn’t be the least bit surprising to see the Tide win that contest.

So, what do you think of the spread? Too much, too little, about right? Vote and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Roll Tide.


What do you think of a hypothetical 28.5 point spread between Alabama and the Bills?

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