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Victory/Late Shift Open Thread: OMG!

Alabama 35 Georgia 28!!!

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever heard the phrase “You just can’t make this stuff up?” WOW! It was like a Hollywood movie. Jalen Hurts, supplanted at quarterback in last season’s National Championship Game against Georgia finds himself at the beginning of the season on the bench to begin the next season. He bides his time, plays mop up duty and plays the good teammate.

Then the big game comes back to the Dome against those same Georgia Bulldogs with Tua Tagovailoa in front of him. But Tua does not look good, He overthrows, underthrows and stands in the pocket for weeks. Would Nick Saban dare yank the Heisman favorite in favor of the former starter? An injury to Tua saved Saban from that decision. Hurts entered the game and all he did was coolly and calmly drive the Tide down the field and score the tying and winning touchdowns. I am hoarse and the neighbors have called the police on me!