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RBR College Football Pick ‘Em — Bowl news and 2018 winners

...And the winner is...

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First, the bad news. This morning, while trying to set up this year’s Bowl Pick ‘Em, I was informed that Y! Sports is not offering that game this year. I do not have an ESPN or CBSS or other account, and am unfamiliar with their commissioner tools. So, we will not be having an official contest for the bowls. I’m sorry.

If someone wants to set one up and post in the FanPosts, I’ll happily bump that to the front page for you. Let me know by email or in the comments below.

Now, for the good news: We have a winner, well, winners — this year we had 1. grand prize winner who received a Nike No. 13 jersey; 2. a runner-up, who received an Operation ‘47 ‘Bama Salute OHT hat, and 3. two second-place runners up — who receive a Script A cell phone wallet sleeve and/or a Crimson Tide lanyard (if you have a strong feeling about one of these, let me know below, otherwise, they’ll be randomly assigned when I throw them in the mail tomorrow.!)

WINNER! Alex Picks! — And it wasn’t particularly close. He won by 7 full games.

RUNNER UP! MJC Crimson — Edging out our third place contestants by just one game, was MJC Crimson. See? Never let it be said that your vote doesn’t count.

SECOND RUNNERS-UP! Kick YA and Bama Thunder

Congratulations to all of our winners, and if you are one, email me a mailing address. Feel free to take a victory lap. You da’ bes’.